Af Due 1 Aug Anyone Due Around Now Amp Wanna Wait

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laureli - July 31

Hi. 27yr old. Fiance thinks I pg. Lpm 4 July. unprot.s_x 16th. AF due 1 Aug. Spotting light on 22nd july, went away, but 'period-type' cramps & sharp pains ever since on&off. Pg? When should i do test? Around 4-5 days late?


Ann - August 1

You can do a test 4-5 days before you are expecting af, but keep in mind, the longer you wait the more time the HCG levels in your blood have a chance to increase... 4-5 days after would be an ideal time.


s - August 1

i tested 3 days before with an early response test and got neg...then tested 4 days after and got a definite least wait four days and let us know how it goes.


amanda - August 1

I tested the day I was suppost to get AF and got a positive


r - August 1

my af was due 29th july hasnt come yet got cramps all last week but they r slowely fading away i had back ache yesterday that now has gone. and no sign of af jus lotion cm and slight dull ache on and off.


r - August 1

and bfn this morning


to r - August 1

lotion like cm was my first sign. That and sore nipples.


to all - August 1

Hi. Laureli here. Thanks for all responses. AF due 8/1, tested last night and BFN. But still have slight cramping&white discharge (sorry if gross). I trying not to think about possiblity being pg (but hoping). Think I just wait and test say Friday if AF still not come. Anyone tested again?


bump - August 4



to r - August 4

How are ya luv? Any bfp yet? My AF now 3days late. I do hope it doesn't come. Still have fingers crossed. Anyone else due around 8/1 and/or 3days late? Laurelixxx


k - August 4

what does Bfp mean?


bfp - August 4

bfp= big fat positive. Bfn= big fat negative


to anyone - August 4

hi from Laureli. AF due 1st aug, now 5th aug & still no sign as yet. Anyone else's AF due around that time & still late? When will you test? Would love to talk. Laurelix


bump - August 5

bump :)


TL - August 5

Hi ladies. My a/f should of been here today (32 day cycle or so). Not here yet! I tested this morning and got a bfn!! How typical for me. I am having sore bbs, constant hunger, grossing out over meat (smell of it), very wierd dreams(I never dream). I will wait and see in a few more days, hopefully :) Baby dust to all of you :)


linda - August 7

You could take one of those over the counter early detection tests. I would take two and if neg i would set up a dr. appt two weeks later even if you get your "period" so maybe this preg scare will lead to birth control what's the hurry? you have a wedding to plan and that can be nerve wrecking all on it's own, so enjoy this part of your life with your fiance.Feel s_xy and have loads of fun without lugging around diaper bags and car seats,Cause take it from me I have a 7 y,o and one on the way it can wait . If it's not to late well thats my advice having children is a beautiful thing there great but if you could hold off you and your fiance can bond before starting a family. well good luck!



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