Afp Testing Did You Have It

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alchemyfyr - September 10

Hi. I am almost 14w pregnant with my first child. I am 25 years old and at my last visit this week with my midwife she asked if my husband and I wanted to take the AFP test. Neither of us has family history of any birth defects or diseases but I think we want to know for sure if our baby is healthy even though the AFP test does give out false positives which requires further testing with amniocentesis. How did you decide on whether or not to have the test and were you more nervous or relieved having taken it? Thanks!


Lynn - September 10

I just took it. I decided early on that if it is not invasive to the baby then why not? Mine came back negative and needless to say I was relieved. I don't see the whole point in declining because of false positives. There are more false positives with the glucose screening test than with the AFP test and noone really declines that test (you get it later on about 26-28 weeks). I guess it kinda depends on what type of person you are, if you're the type that likes to be prepared, then I would get the test done. If you could handle finding out in the hospital after your baby is born that they may be handicapped or even not be able to survive outside of the womb then there isn't any need to get it. Its not just a test for spinal bifida and downs syndrome either. It can earmark other disorders and problems that the baby could have some of them can be corrected with surgery.. some require immediate surgery or the baby could die shortly after being born. Personally, I think taking the chance of a false positive is better than taking a chance with my child's life.


Julie - September 10

We took it both times with both pregnancies. I was 25 with my son and am 29 now. I just wanted to be sure everything was OK. We never experienced a false negative and neither have any of my friends.



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