Afraid Of Labor

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nicole - April 25

does anyone ever sit down and think about giving birth and can only imagine something bad coming of it? i sit down and think of it and start crying bc all i can see when i think of it is me dying due to something they overlooked and didnt pick up on until too late. im 34 weeks, and am sooo freaked out that im going to abandon everyone with this child bc i wont make it. is anyone else overly worried about this as well?


babyonboard - April 25

it is common to worry like that, it's a terrifying and daunting prospect, and so close to labour you are bound to worry that you are not prepared or physically capable. just think how many women do it every day, it is a perfectly natural thing which our bodies are extremely capable of handling. we are lucky to live in countries so developed, so you can trust that you will be in well qualified experienced hands. the doctors and nurses know what to look for, and will have every means possible to identify and deal with unexpected complications. the fact that my grandmother is one of 13 siblings, born in the 1930s when things were a lot less sophisticated just goes to show that you have nothing to be scared of. in fact stress and anxiety are one of the major causes of complications in the third trimester and delivery, so please don't worry, just relax, feel blessed that you have made it this far with no problems and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and look forward to meeting your new arrival.


Hayley - April 25

nicole - I think exactly the same as you - we are such pessimists! Every day I sit there and wonder what it's going to be like and how much pain I'm going to be in. It drives me mad! I've another 3 months to wait yet. I think babyonboard is right though, people do go through it every day and I keep thinking if everyone else can do it then I'm sure I can. Problem is, I need to try and de-stress myself - I'm so uptight and anxious all the time. Good luck and please let me know how you get on - it might help put my mind at rest!


udhfiufjd - April 25

Me too! I'm so scared of what might happen. My husband hasn't got British Citizenzhip yet, and the only reason he's allowed to stay in the country is because of me. I'm thinking, if I die, will he still be allowed to stay? If not, what'll happen to our child? I don't want it to have to grow up in his poverty stricken and undemocratic country! I'm worried how he will cope without me as well. I've let my fitness regime slip since I got pregnant because I've had no energy. I'm worried that I won't be able to cope with the demands of labour because I'm not fit enough. My local hospital is very short staffed and they always seem so disorganised, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence in me. You're not alone. I'm really, really scared!


leslie - April 25

I also think about this! I think what will happen to the baby if I die...and then I think if I should write it on a paper about my wishes...I guess I get too paranoid... maybe I should tell my bf that I want my baby to be with my family in case of anything...That way there won't be fights. I hope this is a normal feeling or else he is going to think I am nuts!!


TX Girrrl - April 25

Easier said than done, but try not to expect the worst. Statistically, there are far more babies born without incident than with major problems for mother or child these days. Try to remember all the medical strides that have been made down through the ages and how women in primitive cultures today manage to survive child birth without all the a__sistance that we have. With hormones and fear of the unknown, it's very easy to expect the catastrophic worst. However, we have the stats on our side that show otherwise. Positive thinking can help you through this anxious period. Hang in there!


udhfiufjd - April 25

Thanks TX Girrrl. It really does help to think of it this way.


babyonborad - April 25

yes..well fears of something happening to you in childbirth are common, but it reaklly won't happen..pleasde don't worry1and just for a little reasuurrance on you other worry, your child will have citizenship of the ountry in which it is born and the law will always favour a child saying with natural parents wherever necesary so eeven if the worst happened your husband and baby would certainly stay where they are, they will never deport someone i nsuch circ_mstances


udhfiufjd - April 25

Thanks babyonboard.



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