Afraid To Do Anything To Avoid Miscarraige

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ALANI - February 15



k - February 16

I know exactly how you feel! I've been the same but I think it is a little paranoid! Early miscarriage ( before 12 weeks) is usually because the baby isn't developing normally. What you do probably won't cause miscarriage but avoid really heavy lifting if you can. I'm just trying to think positive and hope for the best. We're supposed to enjoy pregnancy not worry ourselves sick!!!!


alani - February 16

thanks...i feel better knowin this isnt jus MY worry...many other people must feel the same at times and have successfull stories..thanks and good luck to you


lani - February 16

does anyone feel like this...


~m~ - February 16

Try not to stress. Unless you do reckless physical activities, I don't think there's anything YOU could do to cause a miscarriage.... outside of maybe doing drugs, excessive liquor etc. Stress is really bad for you during pregnancy. Just live each day in anticipation of the day your bundle of joy enters the world. :o)


tara - February 16

Try not to worry about everything that you do. There are so many women out there who don't even realize they are preggers untill the 3rd month and they go on doing just about anything and have healthy babies. The calmer and more relaxed you are the better off you will be and your baby needs the positive energy from you. I'd suggest taking prenatal yoga cla__ses if you can, to help you learn how to relax. This will become handy later on too during your labor. In my 3rd month i started having axiety attacks but yoga has helped me over come those.


louise - February 17

heya darlin, the baby is usually very protected in the uterus, as it is behind the peelivc bone. however do avoid things like excessive exercise and heavy lifting. make sure you getr enough rest.


lovely - February 17

dear, sweet Alani, I am currently on my 6th pregnancy, and have successfully carried only one so far. I have lost 4 pregnancies. After the first devastating one, I did so much research, I could have told my doctor a few things. I was so upset, wondering what "I had done" that I needed information. What I found out is, that beyond severe accidents, (like life-threatening car crashes-not little fender-benders) miscarriage is not caused by anything we 'do' or 'not do'. Even 'stress' does not cause miscarriage, unless it's the type where you are in a war-zone, being tortured-type stress. Daily life of women, even those who may worry themselves sick- don't cause miscarriage. Excersize, also won't cause a miscarriage- IF- you were excersizing BEFORE you got pregnant. I believe during cardio-vascular excersize, your heart rate should never be more than 130 beats per min... but I may have that # WRONG!!!_ so don't take that for gospel. Really, almost all causes of miscarriage are way beyond our control, whether it be hormonal unbalance, improper implantation, genetic defects or... the list can go on. To worry, will only cause you more forehead lines! A woman who is like a mother to me, told me during my 2nd pregnancy, which is the one that produced my beautiful son, to "not worry over losing this baby while it's inside of you. It may very well be there only a short time, and whether you get to meet this child or not, it still deserves all the love you can give it. Don't waste your time worrying, when you can be loving" Best advice I've ever gotten.


Paula - February 18

Please relax!! There is nothing you can do to cause a miscarriage. When my sister was pregnant with her daughter (who's eight now) she kept getting her period so she had no idea. It wasn't confirmed until she was 27 weeks along. She was on vacation in Sweden and Finland for three weeks, she drank, waterskiied, drank some more... Did all kinds of sightseeing etc. and then had a very healthy 91/2 lb baby 12 weeks later! Shortest pregnancy ever. lol


samantha - August 10

is anyone experienceing spotting in their 8-th week? is this normal?


Jewell24 - August 10

I know misscarriage is more likely in the first trimester then the second or the third but when is the highest? I heard with each pa__sing day the risks get a little less. Is this true? By the time your a month along how bad are the risks of misscarraige?


N - August 10

Lovely, you had some great advice, but i would just like to add one thing about the car accidents.. no a minor fender bender won't cause misscarriage, but it can cause complications like bleeding.. so always be over careful if this happens to you and go get checked out.


teigan - August 11

im soory but you are been very very paranoid about this, and it could be doing you more harm thean good, your stressing your self out, to be honest if its going to happen it will happen and no amount of praying resting will change this, i should know i have lost 4 babies all b4 12 weeks. luckily i do have a son who means the world to me ( love you reece james xx) just chill out and enjoy your pregnancy xxx


randi - August 11

before i found out i was pregnant i had a friend step on my back to pop it and got drunk and everything is fine of course i wont do that again. The funny thing is i took a pregnancy test before i did that just for fun and it said not pregnant though i hadnt missed my period yet


randi - August 11

by the way im 10 weeks and 3 days saw baby and heard heart beat everythng is fine


mm - September 14

I m.c at 14 h.b..I wonder did I do something to cause the m.c?? Sometime I carry groceries bags from store to car and back to home (~ 15mins)..I was stress for a period of time and not enough sleep..I wonder those can cause m.c..? But sometime I wonder about women living in 3rd world countries..whom have to take care of their babies, go to work in harsh environment but still have healthy pregnancy...


Julie - September 14

I had a m/c at 7 weeks during my second pregnancy and I did nothing wrong. If it isn't meant to be it isn't meant to be. There is nothing you can do to avoid it. I know these words probably are not very comforting but it is true. Just try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.



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