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Melissa - September 18

ok im a 22 year old and my concern is that I can't seem to get pregnant no matter what I do. I mean my husband and I both want a child now and everytime I think I'm pregnant, it turns out to be a false alarm. So to make a long story short now, We had s_x on Aug. 31 but then I got my period on Sept. 1. We then had s_x on Sept. 3 and my period stopped right after we stopped (my period are always 7 days). So I counted 14 days from the start of my period to have s_x again thinking it would turn out right this time. We had s_x again on the 13th, 14th, and 15th. Last night (Sept. 17) I went to the bathroom and had a pinkish sorta discharge. I'm wondering is that signs of implantation or is it somethin for me to worry about? And if it is implantation, how long do I wait to be able to get a positive EPT? Please any ideas or comments!


Kim - September 18

I'm a little confused about your timing for s_x. First you need to know how long your cycles usually are, that's the key point, and then count back approx. 14 days. If your cycles are 28 days from the first day of your period until the first day of your next period, then s_x would be appropriate on the 14th day of the month. If your cycles are longer like 30 days, then you need to count back 14 from 30, which is the 16th day of the month. And because you can ovulate at different times of the month, you should have s_x for the 3 to 4 days before you expect ovulation, as well as a couple days after. So if you were on a 28 day cycle, you would have s_x beginning around the 10th of the month and finish around the 16th of the month. I bought an ovulation kit and it worked like a charm. You have to see very dark lines for it to be positive for ovulation, not just faint or the same color as the test band. If you see that very intense almost blackish test line, it indicates that you will most likely ovulate within the next 24 to 48 hours so you should have s_x immediately. The ovulation test I bought was the Answer brand and it was only about $8.00 at Walmart. As for your discharge, I sure can't tell you if that's implantation, but the experts also say you can have pinkish discharge when you are actually ovulating. I've never experienced either. If you think you could be pregnant this cycle, I think the best thing to do is not waste your money on a test yet, wait until you're about 1 day late, a__suming you know your cycle lengths. I can't say whether the discharge is something to worry about if you're not pregnant, I would see a doctor if it continues. Good luck.


Amber - September 18

wait a couple of weeks to take one...You can have a period like the first three months of pregnancy.


melissa - September 18

okay so today is the 18th and im still having this discharge. kim, i didn't even think about it might mean im ovulating. but then again this doesn't happen when i ovulate, i never know when i am and my period are usually regular-29 days. thank you for your response kim and amber. i hope some one else will put in their thoughts please!


Sonia - September 18

I was having problems getting pregnant as well. I have 28 days b/t my cycles & my cycle lasts for 7 days. Anyway, my doctor told me to not have s_x period until the 14th day after the beginning of my period (my husband should not masturbate either to let the sperm be at its max. when we have s_x). Anyway, the doctor said to have s_x on the 14th day after my period & then to have s_x every 48 hours. My doctor said morning time was best & to not use over-the-couter lubricant b/c they have something in them that can block or slow the sperm from getting up to the fallopian tubes. My doctor said to only allow natural lubrication & if needed use water or saliva. To make a long story short I followed the doctors instructions and got pregnant the first time around. It was amazing. From what you wrote it doesn't sound like you are pregnant. Your period might be acting wierd b/c of stress. Implantation bleeding is typically spotting for a day or two. If you are that concern what a week after your expected period then do an EPT. Good luck


melissa - September 20

i couldn't get on here yesterday but it seems like this discharge has turned a brighter red and is still there. i seem to be having less but yesterday (19th) i had to wear a pad...i was too scared to wear a tampon but it didn't seem like just blood. could that be implantation blood. this has lasted from the 17th-today?


Viv - September 20

I'm confused too. My only offering is that from the 13th to the 17th is not considered enough time for implantation to have begun. The quote is from 7 to 10 days. Then again, everyone is a little different. Keep hoping a while longer. Come back and tell us what happens.


Melissa - September 20

thanks viv and sonia. i've scheduled a doctors appointment for next week. i'll come back and let everyone know what happened. Let's hope for something good!


melissa - September 20

oh i forgot...could i have gotten pregnant on sept. 3 and have implantation blood on the 17th-now. im sorry we really want a baby and im probably just going crazy over not really stressing out or anything!



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