After You Give

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kayla - April 15

After you give birth do they put st_tches in you (va___aly) Does it hurt because i am scared of that?


JB - April 15

My sister just had her baby and according to her with an epidural you can only feel the doctor pulling on the st_tches. No pain. But the next day she was sore. You also have to take sitz baths. I think that's to keep it from getting infected. Oh yeah one more thing no s_x for 6 weeks. ~edd 8/6/05, Baby Boy


kayla - April 15

but im going to have an all nautral birth no epidural will i still feel it??


April - April 15

ooooouuuuuuuuch... yes you probably will... you'll probably feel it rip too... can i ask why you're going all natural?


mandy~ - April 16

i envy women that give birth all natural... i dont have a high tolerance for pain i couldnt bear it!


to Kayla - April 16

Congratulations on planning a natural birth. I too am hoping to have a natural birth when i have a baby (will start trying to get preg in a few months). I am not ruling out drugs completeley but am doing as much research as possible into drug free ways of coping. My mum had four drug free labours and she said it hurts but you get over it.


Maleficent - April 16

natural labor or not, if you get an episiotomy you'll be given a little numbing shot before the doctor cuts and while he stiches you up. (kinda like what you get at the dentist) i had an epidural and a bad cut/tear with my first and was uncomfortable during the repair, they put my son in my arms and after that i didn't feel a thing. :o) you may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't tear and wont need a single st_tch. ask your doctor about perrenial ma__sage. my daughter was nautural and compaired to delivery, the small repair wasn't even a blip on the pain scale. you'll be fine.


Kayla - April 16

but even if you dont tear at all do you still need st_tches? if you push lightly


Jenn... - April 16

This may sound silly, but it makes sense to me. I prefer an unmedicated labor. I want to be able to be active in the progress by movement, positioning, ect. However, I am really concerned about the pain of possible tears. Will doctors give you this "numbing shot" if they are not going to give you an episiotimy? Just in case there is tearing??


kayla - April 16

if you push lighty and dont tear do you still need st_tches??????


michelle - April 16

If you don't tear and don't have an episiotomy, then you don't need stiches. A small tear usually isn't stiched either. No one's going to sew what isn't ripped.


April - April 16

I don't think how you push matters (light or hard) you're trying to fit a watermelon through a keyhole.. you're bound to tear.... i don't even know how you'd push lightly... although some women don't tear... i've heard most women do... one thing you can do to prevent tearing a lot is kegal excersizes...


April - April 16

I think I'm gonna get some sort of medication... just probably not an epidural... my doctor said that it's actually better if you get certain kinds of meds rather than natural birth because the labor goes faster since it's not as painful... which is better for the baby because labor is the most critical part of the pregnancy...


Joan - April 16

I heard some of the medications they give you will make you sleepy and you don't enjoy the whole birth experience. Also, I think those wear off prior to you pushing because they can't give it to you after so long because it gets to the baby. At least I thought I read that. I would defiently recommend doing your research so you are happy in the end. The best is obviously no drugs and hopefully that is what you do. It does take an awful lot but I know a lot of people that have done it and they all recommend it afterward.


Jill - April 17

You cant enjoy your birth when you are in extreme pain and going crazy. an epidural is just to numb you, as for the shot when you get stiches you only get it for the stiches not for the riping, but if you want to feel every part of your birthing experience then you go right ahead I'm sure they give awards for that somewhere


mandy~ - April 17

just the thought of tearing down there drives me crazy, i hope (if i happen to) its not as bad as i think..


tina - April 17

i had my baby all natural, no epidural. i had to have st_tches, my dr was kind enough to numb the incision before she done the st_tches, so i felt nothing. no big deal. ull be to over-joyed about the baby to think about what they are doing down there.



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