Afterbirth How Long Does It Take For Tummy To Be Flat Again

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Maureen - November 15

I had my baby boy 4 weeks ago. Within 6 days after I gave birth, my stomach went way down. But how long will it take to return to it's original state? I've been told since I was carrying very small that my tummy would be flat again. I'm just curious how long it takes and what to eat to help it along. I am not br___tfeeding anymore so I was wondering if it will take longer because of that. If you know, please let me know. Thanks


Christine - November 15

I think you just have to let nature take its course...and you will probably always have a little extra...thats what we all call baby fat...your skin stretched...I would try doing some easy excersizes...take it easy though because although you probably feel much better four weeks is not all that much for the b___stfeeding part...that has nothing to do with it..I'm on my 3rd and didnt b___st feed either of the first two...with my first daughter I carried very small so I was back in shape very quickly...with my second...well lets just say I put on a little more weight...and it took a lot longer to get back to normal...just hang in there it will happen...good luck with your new son...I go today for my sonogram...two daughters already...praying for a little boy...


$weetne$$ - November 16

they say dat ur body took 9 months to change, to hold ur baby, so expect da same amount of time for ur body to go back to how it dont worry so much...its good to get back into excerise when the time is right...but remember your body has gone under major changes so expect it to take a few months to come back to 'normal' ;o)


lilmama - November 21

I got lucky and with in a month, I was my pre-pregnancy weight again. I've always had wonderful metabolism. It is different for every woman.


T - December 1

I was below my pre-pregnancy weight 5 days after I had my son...I was also very small.....It will happen with time and your lucky that it has happend rather quickly


pheobe - December 2

you will never be thin again!!! every one who has a baby always ends up fat!!! thankyou


Christine - December 2

Pheobe you obviously dont know anything about this topic...Are you a woman that has ever had a child? Probably not is my intuition...most overweight individuals are not overweight due to anything other than slow metabolism...some are just lazy..probably your case...stay out of convo's you know nothing about...I have had two so far...and have gone right back down to a whopping 5'6 feet thats fat


tiffani - December 2

If you were in good shape to begin with, probably no more than 2 months. If weight was an issue, quite a bit longer because your body has fat stored all over the body that it has to burn along with the "baby fat."



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