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fj25george - January 14

I have posted this earlier and realize i posted the wrong date.... I just wanted to start off by saying that I am 26yrs old and ever sence I can remeber my period has been so regualer. My last three periods were 10/26/2006, 11/24/2006, 12/25/2006. And I found out today I was pregnant. Well I have had s_x with two guys one name RUDY on January 2nd and the other one name BRAD January 7th and 8th. I dont know who the father is. I want it to be the one I had s_x with on January 7th BRAD but I guess I will have to wait to find out. If I go by the chart saying 14 days after the first day of your last period it would January 7th my fertal time and also the 8th of January I do rember my temparture was realy high and I felt weird saliva like being fertal that day. Do you guys think it is BRAD's or RUDY's? Please help. My period is due around this January 25 and I probly wont get it cause i found out earliy I was pregnant. Who do u think it is?


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

Ok how did you find out you were pregnant? Home pregnany test? blood test? Its just that your 11 days from expecting your period and if you did ovulate on january 7th or 8th the egg would just be implanting at the earliest today (6-12 days to implant) and HCG doesnt begin to be produced until the egg implants and it takes a couple more days for it to show up in urine or blood. Also And if you did ovulate around january 1-3 that leaves you at CD 7-9 which is unlikely you ovulated than because it is a really early o time. Also what makes you believe that you ovulated on January 7th? The high temperature could be a regular body temperature and it usually takes women a month or so temping to know when there temp is high and it has to be taken same time every morning. I have never heard of weird saliva taste when your ovulating???


sahmof3 - January 14

Did your last period start or end on Dec. 25th?


christine0504 - January 14

i reckon implantation would be happening 2day...are u sure that ur pregnant? it seems strange to me that u would get a positive result so soon.good luck.


jen327 - January 14

I agree with the other people. You would just be impanting and your body won't produce HCG until today at the earliest. I did not get a pos until 7 days after I impanted. Is it possible you got pregnant the month before and had a period? I had a period with my son for two cycles and was pregnant. How did you figure out you are pregnant? You may want to condiser who you were with before Jan in Dec.



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