Aggrevating Boyfriend

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stephanie_renee_m - March 7

my boyfriend aggrevates me all the time because he thinks it'll make me go into labor early....i was wondering if that would really happen becuase sometimes when i get so annoyed my stomache will start hurting a little bit...


bchorinsteinre - March 7

heh, I dont have an answer, but i have an annoying boyfriend, who i think tries his hardest to get me upset or annoyed. I just ignore him because i feel that stress is bad for my baby, ive told him that he is just going to cause problems for us later by the way he acts now, but i dont think he gets it....... But hoora for me, he quit smoking, and so did i. w00t. i honestly would tell him to knock it off, or go find a friend to p__s off... lol... why would he want you to go into labor early?


stephanie_renee_m - March 8

well i'm 38 weeks and he's ready or it to be over with, and so am i. he's just a real goofy person and thinks whatever he does makes him look cute. but thats how guys are want to be he center of everything...i love him though but that aggrevating has got to stop


missycc4 - March 8

My husband does the same thing. At first it was the when are the twins due I'm only having one baby. Then the fat jokes started. That got to really bad I would just cry because it not that I'm fat I'm pregnant. I told him that he needed to stop, he did. Now he compairs me with his BIG round belly or my BIG red yoga ball. I'm being induced Tuesday so after Tuesday I can turn and make fun of him. LOL. Just tell them how what they say makes you feel. My husband has gotten a lot better. Stress is not good for you or your baby.


orchidmom - March 8

I think that he is just too excited with this baby.. :)


big belly - March 9

I have found that if my husband gets to annoying, it feels really good to just punch him. Weather he is doing it on purpose or not. I punch him really hard and then i feel better and he shuts up. You should try it. Unless he might hit you back. Then get someone else to do it. I dont think you getting annoyed will bring on labor, but it gives a good reason to take out some aggression.


denimb__terfly - March 9

That is how I went into labor with my first. My ex-husband was driving me nuts and we got into an argument. I walked away and sat down and I was so upset I was thinking- this is going to make me go into labor. My stomach started hurting and well contractions started and later that night I went to the hospital. Next day my son was born



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