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Jenifer - January 4

How can I convince my boyfriend to not want an abortion?


g - January 4

Are you keeping the baby no matter what he says? The final say is up to you and he may come around after awhile. If he chooses not to have anything to do with the baby then thats his loss. I wish you luck but all you can do is talk about his and your fears and try to figure something out.


H - January 4

It's not up to your boyfriend. You are the one who is going to have to live with this decision the rest of your life. The responsibilty falls entirely on your shoulders. This is not about his permission!


Taylor - January 4

i agree its up to you.just know that if he really doesnt want the baby now he may never. just make sure you make the decision you can live with-either way. goodluck and i hopehe comes round.


M. - January 4

I didn't convince my boyfriend. I TOLD him that it's not going to happen. He knew where I stood, and he knew that I couldn't care less if he left because of the pregnancy. End of subject. He stayed, and knows my beliefs. Whether anyone likes my beliefs or not, is not important. What's important is that I do what is right. I wouldn't even have an abortion if the doctor told me I could die in labor.


Jbear - January 5

It doesn't matter what your boyfriend is your body that will carry the child. Your boyfriend will be obligated to pay child support even if he doesn't want you to have the baby, which is probably why he wants the abortion. Men come and go, but your child will be yours forever...don't let your boyfriend pressure you into something you'll regret later.


Britt - January 5

If your boyfriend doesn't want one of the most precious gifts life could give you, go to hell with him!! I know you care for him and all, but think about it, if he cared about you he'd care about the baby. Millions of girls have abortions everyday and statistics say that if the leading cause of suicide for women who which had an abortion. That baby is growing inside you not him. Be smart. If you don't want to keep it give the baby up for adoption to a family that can't have a baby.



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