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Tg - November 28

How many of you are progressing further along than you know you should be by looking at the ultrasound? Example: You know for a fact you are 9 weeks but the baby is 11 days more mature?


r - November 28

uummm you can not know for a fact as to when you got pregnant unless you did some kind of invitro or something you can just know when it was most likely tc so if you are moving along a couple of days ahead or behind that would seem normal if it was not your doctor would let you know


Tj - November 28

What I mean is I know when I conceived and I know the date of my last period and useing that to calculate it's moving 11 days quicker then previosly estimated. Is that common?


ANon - November 28

Why do you care about 11 measly days?? It is such a small amount of time to be concerned about when you are waiting for 3/4 of a year to pa__s!


taliyah - November 29

the girl just wanted to know if it was common or not...d__n y u worried about what she cares about and doesnt care about? u her momma or something?


jazmine - November 29

hahaha..thats what im sayin!


24 weeks - November 29

When I had my 8 week check up, the ultrasound said 9 weeks. No big deal.


Tg - November 29

To ANon- I'm not concernesd, I was just curious. Excuuuuuuse Meeeeeee!


Stephanie - November 29

I think it's good to keep in mind that all woman and pregnancies are different. My good friend was told the same thing, and she delievered four days before her estimated due date. Who knows, maybe you'll be lucky like she was!


sHelly - December 1

my baby was measuring a week ahead, and now shows a week and a half ahead. doc doesnt change date because babies can come 2 weeks early or late. she said she has to wait till the end to tell more when he might me here. she said its possible hell just be a big baby, and im sooo tiny, so a little scared about that!



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