Ahh I Feel Bad

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lynn - March 23

I am 18 weeks and WAY before i found out i was pregnant i was drinking... i found out i was when i was about 6 weeks or 8.. i feel soooo bad my dr told me NOT to worry about it but i still do.. i mean if something were wrong with my child because of something i did i dont kno how i could live with my self.. am i just over reacting?


Mellissa - March 23

Well, if your doctor says not to worry, then he must be pretty confident that your baby has a strong heartbeat and is developing the way he/she should...I wouldn't worry about it, my cousin had no idea that she was pregnant and she drank almost a whole bottle of my grandpa's home-made wine...I don't know if you've ever had home-made wine..but it is very STRONG....and her baby turned out just fine...I think that you and your baby will be just fine :-) good luck


LI - March 24

I had a series of "social" occasions in the first weeks before I knew I was preg. I felt horrible guilt and asked my doc. who said..."If I had $1 for every woman that asked me that" Remember it takes almost 2 weeks for implantion. I was a health freak for the remainder of my preg. I had a very healthy baby.Just live as healthily as you can, take vitamins and try to relax : )


MandyD - March 24

If you were drinking "WAY" before you found out you were pregnant, then there probably wasn't anything left in your system when you did conceive. And if doc says it's okay, then don't add to the stress by worrying more - remember, stress is not good either! Good luck with the pregnancy!


Leahp - March 24

Hi Lynn, Don't worry a bit!! At six weeks the fetus is still living off of the yolk sac and for all those previous weeks the placenta was not even formed and what you took into your body wouldn't of pa__sed into the embryo anyways. I concieved right around x-mas, which then there was new year's so I had a lot of drinking going on!! But after I read that the embryo lives mostly off the yolk sac early on I felt better!! Heck!! I found out I was pregnant the day of my birthday and had a gla__s of wine with dinner and a couple beers, I still couldn't believe it!! But you would be amazed what your body will filter out!! Now that I'm 14 weeks and the placenta is fully developed and what ever I put into my body goes directly to the baby, plus by next week the little tike will be able to taste it as well, I'm very careful!!



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