Alcohol And Caffiene

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unknown - September 22

If you didn't know that you were pregnant and you drank alcohol and three or four cans of diet pop per day (alcohol sparingly) is that going to hurt a baby. I don't know if i am preg or not, but something makes me feel that I may be. However, tests say negative. So I am assuming that I am not, however, if I am, is alcohol or caffiene going to affect me if I am only a week or two along??


April - September 22

Before I knew I was drinking, taking cold medications... doing all the wrong things. I would have been almost 3 weeks. My doctor said not to worry at all, as in the beginning the baby doest live off what you eat or consume. She told me I had nothing to worry about... now if you are 5 weeks + than I would probly be asking a doctor. Are you having any signs... it is VERY common to get negative urine tests in the beginning...verrrrrrry common!


April - September 22

Oh and btw if you do think you are pregnant...I would stop drinking and drinking caffeine now until you find out for sure!


amanda - September 22

I took a test about 2 weeks ago this past saturday and was wondering why i didnt start my period the test did not tell me anything i took another test 3 days last and bamm it tells me that im pregnant


unknown - September 22

well, tired i guess, and breats have been sore and heavy with dark veins, but i had a cyst on my left ovary last month so i was wondering when ovulation would have taken place if at all, so i have no idea how far along i would be if i was, but i dont' think i would be? i also just came off birth control pills about two months ago, haven't had a period since july 27th because of the cyst. i don't know what to think?


APril - September 22

Me either! Sounds comlicated... but also sounds like pregnancy symptoms! But dont be fooled cause pregnancy symptoms and Period symptoms can be confused!


unknown - September 23

so what should i do from this point?


name - September 29

I drank quite a bit socially before I knew I was usually on weekends..sometimes a pint or some days 5/6 coolers.I didn't find out till 7 wks that I was PG. I am TERRIBLY worried about FAS...the ultrasound was all good and as much as the doctors can tell the baby is healthy.I can't stop worrying so bad that it makes me sick..anyone have any comforting advice or rea__surance?



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