Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

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mummu - November 7

Hi, I comsumed alcohol in a party twice, while we were trying to get pregnant. After two weeks when my periods were due, it didn't happened and I had Doc's aapont for Pap test there I come to know that I am pragnant. nOw I am worried, I consumed alcohol at that period unknowing about my getting pragnant. Ladies can you please give me advice in this regards, what may happen now. Thnaks


Becky - November 7

I read somewhere that very little can harm your baby before your first missed period, because the placenta isn't formed yet. I think it makes sense biologically......nature is protecting your little one before you know to protect them. At any rate, what's done is done, and as long as you don't drink anymore, you can't change the past. I wouldn't worry, though.......I think everything will be fine.


mummu - November 7

Thanks for the answer Becky.. Now after knowing that I am pregnant, I have stopped all that.. infact I have changed my diet also.. but still I am very much worried.. should I ask Doctor I have one check up due on fourth week of Nov? I have another question as I am changing my diet and I am pure vegitarian so Mushroom good for the pregnant ladies.. Thanks! again


M.A. - November 7

I've eaten mushrooms while pregnant, and never had problems. Do you know why there would be? Have you heard anything? Also, if you're not eating meat, are you getting your protein from a good source? Prenatal vitamins are just a supplement.


mom of 4 - November 7

don't worry about it..i drank heavily too before i knew i was pregnant with this one..around week three of pregnancy (based on LMP) looks dr said it really takes a lot of alcohol to cause FAS...actually..i drank heavily with my first before i knew i was pregnant, also..she is fine...drinking lightly during pregnancy is fine...(meaning ONE gla__s of wine with pasta or ONE beer with some ribs, etc...) just don't get drunk any more and the baby will be fine...


Dear mom of 4 - November 8

You are suggesting some very irresponsible advice.


sue - November 8

mummu I see no reason why you shouldn't eat mushrooms. just make sure they are "magic musrooms".


to mom of 4 - November 8

i have also heard that. my doc actually told me an occasional gla__s of wine is ok as long as its with food to aid with absorption. and as long as its one small gla__s. no overdoing it


Bonnie - November 8

In the UK they will allow one to two units of alcohol per week. I think the problem is that people overdo it. Two units is about one of our wine gla__ses here in the US, and that is per WEEK. I personally prefer to just not drink and take any chances.



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