Alcohol In Desserts

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dpenasso - April 19

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. I was at a party and ate a piece of cake and found out later that it was made with a chocolate liquor. also had a piece of candy that had an liquid alcohol center but i spit it out after I tasted the alcohol. Will this harm the baby


Steph - April 19

Nope, your fine....if a cake was made with a chocolate liquor, the alcohol was probably baked with the cake which cooks off the alcohol and you just get the taste. One piece of candy with a little bit of liquor in it is not going to hurt your baby either, especially if you spit it out. Don't worry about it! :o)


mcatherine - April 19

Good choice on spitting out the candy, but I wouldn't worry about the cake. Any liquor/beer/wine loses its alcohol content after it is cooked or heated for a certain amount of time. Your baby should be fine.


livdea - April 19

you are totally will hear so many conflicting opinions about alcohol and what not. Some say it's safe to drink a gla__s a week, a day, or a month. It's a personal choice but in no way is the candy or cake going to hurt you or baby. I drank quite a bit b/4 I knew I was pregnant and baby is FINE and Healthy! I've since quit drinking, but have had a gla__s of wine with dinner once...dr didn't freak out!


sunshinekitty240 - April 20

in UK they are a lot more lenient than in the US about telling pregnant women what to avoid. i think the no alcohol thing causes unnecessary neuroses in women who are pregnant. i wouldnt get loaded or drink anything 80 proof but i know a lot of women who had a gla__s of wine or beer (1) every few nights and their kids are fine! I am waiting til my 2nd tri to be safe to have a gla__s of wine (again, 1) maybe it will help with preg. constipation.


mcatherine - April 20

Aftering being on this board for a couple of months, it seems as though we Americans are taught to be so uptight about everything, aren't we? I wonder why it varies so greatly from country to country, yet everyone seems to have the same amount of healthy babies? Although I haven't had a drop since seeing two blue lines, I could really use a couple of pieces of that candy!!!


Stace - April 20

I'm in the UK and have just come back from hols in Cyprus. I'm 17 weeks and enjoyed half a gla__s of wine most evenings although admittedly rarely finished it and now I'm back off holidays I will be drinking very little. The infintessimal amount of alcohol you indulged in is not going to have had ANY effect on your baby and I think its important that we realise that a small amount is not harmful. I drank the same amount while expecting my daughter and she is a bright and intelligent 6 year old. Well done for being so careful but don't become paranoid hun xx



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