Allergy Or Hormonal

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etmercado - May 5

I am a 36yr old. I have suffered terribly from sinus congestion that turns into headache. some headaches are really bad where i can't think straight, can't sleep, don't even want to move. Other times it's very mild and and doesn't really bother me. But the nasal congestion is always constant. I have had this problem for 7yrs. The only thing that helps is a decongestant of Pseudoephedrine 60mg ( WHICH I DON'T TAKE EVERYDAY.). Heat on forehead helps until it is removed. I am able to sleep if it is not bad, but nasal congestion is always there. Don't sleep well though, wake every 2hrs or less. Don't have migraine symptoms of nausea and bright lights don't bother me. Had mri and showed mucus in sinus cavity, but nothing else. Tried all kinds of depression and migraine meds. will no help.Tried plain antihistamine meds with no help.Had allergy test done 2xs. 1st time showed allergy to cat dander, dust mite, and ragweed. 2nd test done couple yrs after 1st one and showed negative to all. Test done by skin. I got pregnant with my 1st child in 2004. And for the FULL 9 months and 3 months of br___t feeding I never felt so great. I had no nasal congestion, no headaches, felt energetic. Had no morning sickness from pregnancy. It was the best I've ever felt in my whole life.My son was born healthy and over 9lbs. He has an allergy to milk, he vomits with even a trace but can have it if it baked in. Had an oatmeal allergy 1st yr of life had bad eczema on face. Now is allegic to dust mite and milk. Have seen so many doc's with no help. My question is....could it be hormonal and if so what hormones?. I've read that high Estrogen causes stuffiness, but I didn't have it when I was pregnant or br___t feeding.I also have alot of the symptoms for LOW AND HIGH ESTROGEN.Have other symptoms of early menopause achy joint, dry eyes, tired, mood swings, etc. OBGYN says to see a headache specialist which I did. Other question is if nasal congestion and headache is from allergy to food or other could it get better during pregenancy and br___t feeding. ? sorry so long but had to explain everything.



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