Almost 28 Weeks Pregnant Milk Coming Out Already

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Lissa - June 25

okay, let me just say that I'm not some kind of freak that sits around squeezing her but I noticed yesterday when I got out of the shower, I had some dried skin on my nipples. I kinda scratched it off and i noticed some clear fluid come out of both of them! not a lot, but enough to catch my attention, well throughout the day, I kept checking and when I squeezed them, a mixture of clear and white fluid came out. Is this milk coming in already at 28 weeks? Should I stop squeezing them so much, because I do plan to br___tfeed and I wouldn't want to "waste" what is already coming in...does this make sense or am I nuts? This is my first pregnancy so everything is really new but exciting to me. If anyone else has experienced this before, I would love to hear from you! Thanks!


Beth S - June 25

dont worry im 32 weeks and have had that for about 2 months now. its called colostrom or something like that. and as for wasting, your milk wont run out until you stop b___st feeding and even then ive heard of women who lactate for a long time after


Eryn - June 25

Mine started at 22 weeks. It sucks but you get use to it. I cut panty liners in half and put them in my bra so it doesen't make a mess. It's cheaper than buying nursing pads.


soleil - June 25

I started getting that a little before I was 6mo. Its called colostrum and it is very common. I use to buy b___st pads so I wouldnt leak through, it didnt happen everyday just every couple of days.


K - June 25

colostrum is limited, so don't squeeze it out, ok?


Jbear - June 26

I've been leaking since about 18 weeks. Occasionally I will squeeze some, mostly because I'm curious if it's still there. They seem to produce more after that. I bought washable b___st pads at wal-mart. They don't get glued to your nipples the way the disposables do.



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