Almost Due And Uncertain Of Father

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Kelly - July 12

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. I had s_x with man#1 on October 15 and man #2 on October 31. My conception date is October 31. Is there any possible way man#1 is the father?!


SaRaH - July 7

U just said urself that the conception date was on the 31st! Is there for some reason that u want it to be on the 15th?? I think that u should be able to calculate to the exact date! good luck! i hope everything works out 4 u!


Kelly - July 7

No I don't want man#1 to be the father and I am worried because I know u can have intercourse before conception actually occurs. Thanks


SaRaH - July 7

Have u told both guys? I am just trying to understand ur cituation so i can give u advice! :)


Kelly - July 7

No, I haven't. Man1 was just a 1 night stand. Man2 knows, he and I have been on/off for 1 1/2 years. I am so scared!


SaRaH - July 7

It is not so easy as to keep a secret like this! It is ur concience that will eat u up more that anything else. So u did tell man #2 and what was his reaction to this? Did he seem uninterested or was he undestanding? I was unsure of who my childs father was until he was born!! That seems crazy but it is the truth! He looked so much like him the second of birth that i knew right then and there!!! Are u scared because u feel like u are unsure or is it fear of losing #2???


SaRaH - July 7

I dont want to make this sound like i am prying into ur business but i am trying to understand and relate to you!


Kelly - July 7

I am scared because I don't want it to be man1, that would be devastating. He is nothing to me, a real creep. man2 was understanding in the beginning, but now that it is closer he won't return my calls. I don't want to lose man2, but now he is acting like I don't exist...I don't know what to do/say anymore to him, I can't make him care.


SaRaH - July 8

U have to be strong for urself as well as YOUR child! I have to tell u this ~ men are kinda set in their ways! I think it is best to keep ur distance from both and when he (#2) thinks the time is right he WILL come back to you! That is if it is meant to be! I am sure he was sleeping with other people as well. When ur baby does come into this world there will be nothing nor no one more important, so try to leave the man problems alone and focus on a happy pregnancy! GOD BLESS U & GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


hello - July 8

absolutely no one can ever precisely calculate when you ovulated or the egg was fertilized.


lorraine - July 9

I slept with my ex but I was menturating and had a lilet on we were just playing the following week I slept with my boyfriend and now I am 6 weeks pregnant, Who could be the father


lynn - July 12

if you really want to know I would have a paternity test done.



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