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Ranya - August 22

I was gone on vacation for 10 days and came back last night to all these weird changes to this site. I'm very disappointed as I enjoyed this site very much throughout my pregnancy. Does anybody know any other good ones?


Lissi - August 22

I'd like to know that too! If anyone knows any good ones that has real moderators on it, let us know, and we can all meet up there. Thanks.


Bree - August 22

What changes? Other than hearing people fuss about not allowing certain words, I'm not sure I've noticed anything, really. I enjoy this site!


Lindy - August 22

Mary, Are they planning to make changes so you have to register an email to use this? They should.


Mary to Lindy - August 22

I don't know the details of what is going to change. However, my personal opinion based on the current changes is that they do not have coding expertise to do something so fancy. It would be really helpful if they did that, let's keep out fingers crossed.


BBK - August 22

You can always try the usenet. Unlike this site you have to register and login and your IP address can be traced, so someone can file complaints to the ISP if someone is being abusive. However it's rarely needed as juvenile delinquents are routinely ignored on that forum.


Ranya - August 22

You guys are right, I'm sure it will pa__s, other than the word replacements I found bashing against certain people, it was all very confusing. I'm sure in a couple of days everything will be back to normal and the more we ignore the culprits the quicker they'll move on. I enjoy this site very much and would hate to see it ruined. Thanks Mary for your kind words, glad I'm welcome here even though I'm from a completely different region of the world ;)


#### - August 23 This is one my friend told me about after she left here Its very good and you can use tickers on it also to get your self a free ticker I hope things do inprove here it has gotten really out of hand


to #### - August 23

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but what's a ticker?


Ranya - August 23

I tried a couple of the suggested sites but they are so tedious to use, or am I just brain dead from the pregnancy? This is one is really user friendly, I think I'm gonna hang out here...don't know what a ticker is either, except the thing on the bottom of the TV screen when I watch CNN etc...


hb m - August 23


hb m - August 23

Usenet is the owner of Newsgroup space on the internet. Any browser today can support using it. You can download any NG to your browser, and thus read and post. You can be "traced" but it doesn't prevent the bad mouthing and there is nothing/nobody there to moderate them. One solution, if you've made friends here and want to invite others that are "nice", well Yahoo has message groups and forming one of them is really alot of fun. One person creates and invites. That person becomes the moderator. I belong to several of those groups and it's a very safe and nice way to keep in touch, share pics, etc. Just go to Yahoo groups.


Amy - August 23


to hb - August 23

What a great idea!


#### - August 23

a ticker is a pic that shows how many weeks you are and changes for you like a clock and has all kinds of cute baby scences



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