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nicolek - November 7

well i had protected s_x in august but our condom broke and he came in me. before that my period was a full five days but now for the last few times my period has only lasted one day. i also have been feeling really nauses. but ive taken two pregnacy tests both being negitive. could i still be pregnant? im nineteen and really am not sure what to do


Grandpa Viv - November 7

When were the pregnancy tests? Are you on the pill? Did the accident happen in your fertile window? A recent negative test would suggest a cyst, not a pregnancy - see a doc anyway. Your time line suggests that you might be entering the second trimester when the nausea will be less, but you may soon be able to feel your bump low behind the pubic bone. Good luck!


nicolek - November 7

i took a pregnacy test at the end of september and the middle of october. im not on the pill, and this happened on the last day of my period in augest. im just concerned because my periods have always been normal and in september i went to the doctor because i was having constant sharp pains in my abdomen but that was before i thought i was pregnant


nicolek - November 9

iive been really nauses the last few days but only really when go to sleep and when i get up i n the morning, i am not to sure what is going on


Eleysse - November 9

Go to the doctor and get a blood test. My cousin never pa__sed urine test and her daughter is 2! U could see was visably pregnant take a urine test and it was negative! The weirdest thing


Grandpa Viv - November 9

Both Alica and Nicole should take another home preg test AND make an appointment at the clinic to get checked out. Good luck to both of you. Come back and tell us how it goes.


AliCEA11 - November 9

I kno but im tired of speniding my money on HPT!! My boyfriend bought me a 21 dollar pregnancy test EPT!! Altogether ive spent 50 dollars on HPT! Imma jus go to the doctor and get a blood test!! But I heard that aint to accurate either! Many of women have failed blood test and still have been pregnant??!!



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