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YaYa21488 - April 11

Okay, here goes my situation: Well, my long time boyfriend and I are pretty active, and don’t use any other protection but my pills. I didn’t have the most “regular” period last time around (Mid/Late February), it didn’t come and ended up showing up after I re-started my BC Pills, fairly normal besides for timing. The month before was fine. Haven’t had one all through March (it’s April 11th today), it was due to show up late March (duh!). I have been stressed, I know I am, but I don’t feel like I am, you know?? So, I took my last regular BC pill (Microgestin) on a Sunday, we were still active up in-tell the Sunday 2 weeks later. Mind you I’m not the best at remembering to take pills everyday, much less at the same time, but I only missed a few last month and I also do not take the sugar pills that are the period week markers. But no period. But I also don’t know if I have ovulated, or where I am in my cycle. I have done some home tests but I think it may be too early (all negative). Is it? I basically had two weeks of unprotected s_x, two weeks ago. But could I be pregnant, after taking BC? How long does it take to wear off so you could get pregnant? When can I test and get a accurate answer? How many days do I need to wait? I “FEEL” different, sore br___ts, weak if I don’t eat breakfast (which I never used to), tired, moody/hormonal, and just overall slightly different (I know that sounds weird). If anyone has ANY advice PLEASE post it and let me know!!!Thanks! -Becky


sterlinberlin05 - April 12

Well you could be pregnant. My friend always took her BCP and she still got pregnant. BCP aren't 100% garenteed not to get prego. And then there are some people who never get a positive HPT either. I say wait a week if af doesn't come by then take another pregnancy test. If it's still negative wait a little longer....or just call your doc. They'll be able to help after that.


Grandpa Viv - April 12

If you check the web site for your bc pills, it will likely say your menstruation may diminish or even stop. Side effects similar to pregnancy may also be felt. Your best bet is to test weekly using a cheap urine test (Dollar Store) until you are sure of your situation. Good luck!



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