Am I Has Anyone Gone Through This Before

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newlywed - January 25

I'll try to keep this short but its almost impossible. My husband and I got married Dec.15. I have been on birth control since Sep. and have had regular periods since then. On Dec.21, 2006 I started and it ended the 26th. I forgot to take my pill on the 27 and we had s_x the 28. A week after that I started getting sick every morning between 3 am and 7 am. I have also been tired all the time, frequently dizzy, and having to urinate more often. I started getting sick in the afternoons as well. I took a preg. test 2 days before I should have missed my period and it came out neg. The day i was to start my period all I had was just the feeling that I was going to start but nothing happened. This went on for two days. I then started bleeding but not like I usually would. I was light and not very much, but the next day it started that same way, light, not very much and then at lunchtime I bleed alot all at once. The next day it just went back to being light again and then stopped. I had no cramping or any feelings that I would normally have when im on my period except for before it started. Im very confussed and the doctor I spoke to on the phone said that they wouldn't do any tests until I miss my period. The day after my "period" stopped I started getting sick to my stomach again and everything else that i've already stated. Please help. Could I be pregnant?????


margie - January 25

it's possible...wait a few more days and take another test. i took a pregnancy test in december because i was a few days late on my period. then the same day i took it thought i started my period but then it never was really normal--just spotting-- so i took a pregnancy test the next week because the first one came with two and i figured it would be negative as well and it came out you never know!



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