Am I A Wimp Or Is Labor Really That Bad Lissi S Story

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Lissi - September 21

I had my baby on saturday, and was determined to be the model mother and refuse all pain relief except maybe gas and air. The contractions weren't too bad for the first couple of hours, but when they allowed me to go for a walk, my water's broke and all of a sudden the pain was hard to stand. I stuck it out until it brought tears to my eyes, then I was given the gas. It was heaven for a couple of hours. This is the part of my labor I actually enjoyed, because the gas makes you feel drunk, and although I could still feel pain, I didn't care about it and I was laughing and joking with the midwife. Just when I was thinking, "labor is a breeze! I can do this.", the pain suddenly got much worse until I was again in tears and begging for help. They gave me pethadine, which eased the pain considerably, and sent me further into a drunken state. More laughter, and some very weird, disjointed conversations with my husband. Then I guess I lost track of time and the next thing I knew, i was lying there screaming, growling and biting so hard on the gas tube that my jaw still ached 2 days after delivery. I screamed for someone to give me an epidural, but the anesthetist was busy, and I had to wait an hour for him to turn up. It took another hour for him to get it into my back because I was in so much pain that I couldn't stay in the right post_tion for long enough, and my contractions seemed back to back. Then..............ahhhh heaven! The epidural was amazing! I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. It wore of just enough to let me push my baby out in 20 minutes, and that was the easiest part of my delivery. Unfortunately, my daughter needed resuscitating because of all the drugs, and it was a very anxious time. She's fine now, thank god, but I still feel guilty that I did that to her and wasn't able to stand the pain. Anyone else feel like a failure for not having a completely natural birth? I just don't know how it's possible to cope without drugs! I really don't think I could do it again without having an epidural from the very start. To all those brave women out there, who had their babies drug free (like my mother), I think you're AMAZING! Hats off to you!


Lissi - September 21

Here's my website, where you can see pics of my baby Nadya Mae, just a few hours old. I love her so much! More than I ever thought I could love anyone! :)


Lissi - September 21

Oops! Forgot to leave the link! Lol!


nhb - September 21

I don't think you're a wimp Lissi! I too had an epidural w/ my son . . . every labor and every woman is different, so I agree, hats off to those who can, I just am NOT one of them! Thanks for sharing, and your daughter is GORGEOUS! She is so precious. Have lots of fun getting to know her!


Lissi - September 21

Thanks nhb. :)


kl - September 21

lissi...i don't think you are a wimp...everyone is different...i don't know how people do it without the epidural...congrats on the little on she is darling! i love the head full of hair.


Lissi - September 21

I love that hair too! She's the first baby in the history of my family to have been born with hair. All the others have been bald. :)


Lisa*9 - September 21

Het Lissi: I my son I went to the hospital and was in pain. They told me to go home. I agrued with them and said I do not want to go home I want to have this baby. The contractions hurt my sideI want to have this baby. I had a kidney removered at 24 weeks and you want me to go home no way. The nurse said she would monitor meit was around 3:00. they broke my water at 6:30am I was 2 cm dia. I ad an epand I never felt bad for having one. You did what gave you the most peace at the time of pain. Because you daughter was resuscitated, that is the hospt_tal job to keep out for her well being no matter what happened. My second son was induced too and I had no ep,I wanted one but it was too late. The nurses held the baby in when I was ready to delivern on dr was available on hand all busy. He did manage to come,baby was born at 4:02pm by 7:30pm the baby was turning blue. Sometimes all of us do things with which we think is best and there are side effects in the end which are problems which need to be dealt with. You said the dr and nursed handles it well and she is fine. Please don't beat yourself up for the matter,it shows you are going to be a great mother in the end. Take care of everyone including yourself. Blessing Lisa


tiffani~41 days to go!! - September 21

What a doll! I love the sweet picture of her yawning, and the video too! You must be so proud! It sounds to me like you handled labor the best you could. When I was in labor I never even considered going natural, so for you to even attempt it amazes me. Labor sucks, plain and simple. I don't see anything for you to feel guilty about, you have a healthy beautiful baby girl, which was what you were striving for. I say it's a job well done. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy every minute with your precious little Nadya. All the best! XOXOXO :o)


Rhonda - September 21

first of all congradulations!! I had both my first 2 natural nothing due to I have very quick labors they had no time to give me anything with this one my 3rd I freakin hope I get there in time for an epidural!! I only live about 10mins away from the hopital so first twinge I get I am going!! I feel since this will be my last (having tubal) I want to enjoy the labor pain free ha halol but if I have to I will have him natural oh well I understand you were in labor for hours I could not take that I am really quick maybe 2 hours tops I think God knows I am a big wimp when it comes to pain so he has made my labors quick ha halol sounds good anyways!! take care and glad your baby daughter is doing well!!


Nelly - September 21

your not a wimp I had my daughter completely drugfree bc I was a 7 when I got to the hospital and the anasteiologist was an hour late so it was to late for me and I wanted to die I grabbed my husbands throat and nearly pulled his clothes off I am glad I got to experience natural childbirth though. My first labor and delivery I had an epidural and had no pain and I made up for it this time.


Karen - September 21

Unfortunatly I was not able to get any pain killers. I went from 2 cm to 9 cm in two hours. I felt every and I mean EVERY pain. So trust me your no wimp. I give my hats off to those women who do it over and over and over again. My great great grandmother had 16 children all single pregnancies. Sweet baby


chelsey - September 21

Awwwwww! She is so sweet! I dont think you're a wimp at all! Giving birth is awful! I couldn't sit for a week! With my first I knew I was getting an epidural, and I didn't have a clue what it would feel like down there! I'm glad Nadya is okay! Dont feel like a failure for not having her naturally! Heck, you're a smart lady getting that epidural! So glad to hear from you! I responded to the other post. How much did Nadya weigh?


Julie - September 21

Not a wimp! I would have my epidural in the parking lot if I could! I had one with my son and it was wonderful. I hope I get there in time this time!


Tammy - September 22

TO RHONDA- The exact same thing happened to me. With my first two, I could not have the epidural because it was too late. I am due in 5 weeks and I am worried about the same thing happening. My doctor told me that with the first pain to just come to the hospital and call enroute. I had my last in 23 minutes. I also am having my tubes tied and if I don't get an epidural I will have to have it done at 6 week post. With a new baby...right!



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