Am I Being Paranoid

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Marie - June 13

Maybe I am just being crazy because I am 22 weeks pregnant but here goes: I have been with my husband for 7 years and married for almost 5 and am pregnant with my second child. We are very happy. Before my husband and I were together he dated a girl who he grew up with and her mother was great friends with his mother. Well many years ago when the girl's mother found out that we were together she tried to break us up because it has always been her dream for her daughter to marry my husband (her daughter even came to my husband work and threw a few fits) . We haven't heard from her or her daughter for many years (my mother-in-law stopped communicating with her for other reasons). Anyway she has just recently been calling my mother-in-law and it really bothers me. I can't imagine what she could possibly do to destroy my family but it really bothers me. Just the sound of her name gives my stomach upset! This woman is just plain trouble she just likes to brag about her children and start things up. To make a long story short she is 61 years old and still in love with her highschool sweetheart which happens to be my husbands uncle (which is why she has stayed in contact with my mother in law for all these years). I just don't think she'll ever get over my husband getting married to someone other than my husband. My mother-in-law knows that it bothers me but she says well I've been friends with her forever! What do you guys think? Sorry so long!


M - June 13



Jessie - June 13

I think you have no control over who your mother has contact with and you need to make your feelings clear to your husband that you want him to have no contact with those people.


P - June 13

I think he married you for a reason. The only way your family can be harmed is if you let it come to harm. You need to remember that your husband loves you and your children. You can't stop you MIL from seeing this woman because you simply don't have the right. You probably are being paranoid but hey that's a pregnant woman's prerogative!!


Jodie - June 13

Yes you are being a bit paranoid, but i know exactly how you are feeling. My fiance has an old gf from high school that he still talks to over the internet and their mothers are friends aswell, i also know for a fact that she still has feelings for him, this drove me nuts for years but now that i think about it all i was doing was driving my fiance nuts with my insecurities. If he wanted to be with her he wouldnt have moved here and asked me to marry him. I know its easier said than done but stop worrying, its you that he married and with whom he has his family now, and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)


Marie - June 13

I guess when your pregnant little things get to you. I have never worried about my husband but I certainly don't want this woman doing anything to put a grudge between any members of our family because I have a great relationship with my in laws. Thanks.


Maddie - June 13

What? I don't get the story. To me it sounds like your husband has a 61 year old woman in love with her highschool sweetheart...and you husband? I don't know, but I would just trust him...and I know jealousy is a b___h, ESPECIALLY when you're pregnant!


marie - June 14

the deal is that she never met back up with her highschool sweetheart so she had it set in her mind that her daughter would end up with hers which happens to be my husband. The fact of the matter is her daughter lives in another state. She just likes to call my mother in law from time to time to find out about our family.


Maddie - June 14

OH!...Gotcha. I'd be p__sed if this b___h was calling my mother in law...but I'd handle it. I'm sure your mother in law loves you and is much more happy with you with her son, as he obviously loves you because he chose you to marry and spend his life with.=) As far as her calling your husband...I wouldn't like it one bit. I would explain to him that it's the fact that she openly admits to BEING IN LOVE WITH HIM that makes you upset.


Carol - June 14

I had once a great love in my life who I thought I will stay with forever. I am now married to a wonderful man who I love like no other. However, I will always be fond of my ex in a very special way. I call him from time to time just to see how things are going with him and his family. It makes me happy to know he is happy and it fills me with joy to hear him talk about his kids and wife. I guess I will love him always, but not on a selfish way, and I do not want to go back to him ever. It is just one of those things ... hard to explain if you have never felt it. :)


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 14

Carol~ I know EXACTLY how you feel. It sounds like you're telling my story. :o)


Marie - June 14

Well luckily she never calls my husband my husband hates the girl and her mother he hasn't spoke to either of them in about 7 years. But thanks for the advice. I think we all have fond memories of our first love but common this lady needs to get a freakin life!



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