Am I Crazy

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jay - April 2

you might think im really stupied for asking this but i just cant stop thinking im pregnant even tho all the signs say im not,,,,,i had s_x a few days after i stop my period,im on the pill and good at taken it then i also got my period on time,but the thing thats got me worryed is that i started bleeding one day when i wasnt ment to,so rang my doc and she said that its because i was on antibiotics and took the pill back to back that month oh and when i had s_x last time i wasnt on the abtibotics so didnt effect it.and since i was sick and they didnt no what was wrong i took 2 urine test blood test and ultrasounds to see why i was sick and they never told me im pregnant so am i just crazy!?


car - April 2

sounds like you are probably not pregnant, but a woman's intuition is pretty strong. you could take a FirstResponse home preg test. that is the most accurate one that i have found for early preg detection. pretty sure you're not preg if all those tests came back neg. the blood test and ultrasound are pretty accurate. good luck


lilmama - April 2

They never told you that you were pregnant, but did they tell you that you were not? I had a blood test at the doctor, and thought I was in the clear because they did not call me to tell me that I was pregnant, but I kept feeling that I was, so I called and asked for the results and they said positive. My doc failed to mention that I had to call to get the results, even though the lab said they would call if it was positive-- b___ds!! If you have that gut feeling- take a home test or call and get your results!


jay - April 6

thanks guys,sorry for taken ages 2 respond couldnt find it again.i went to the doc as i was unwell and she said i wasnt as i took my pill at the right times and didnt miss one or anything and it is even unlikey that i am even if i was as i had s_x a day after my period ended and iv 29 day cycle its not likely!i have to go back to the doc next fri to c my results and whats wrong with me but i thought they would ring me to tell me as i would be going out having a few drinks and al i dont have any of the signs either sick/sore b___st/going to the loo alot!!!ah god i just dont no...


Foxy - April 6

When I was on the pill, I kept bleeding at times when I shouldn't have been. The doctor couldn't tell me why it was happening and it got so annoying that I decided to come off it, because I was getting more than one period a month. I'd say you should try a home test to make sure you're not pregnant.



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