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skylersmom - March 7

i am about 12 weeks and most of the time i feel ok. the last couple days, i have felt like complete c__p. i got sick today, pounding headache and just want to sleep. is it normal to feel so tired? like i said, i dont feel like this all the time. i just dont understand why one day i feel great then the next, complete opposite. i watch the pregnancy shows and the girls on there are all happy and glowing and in great moods! am i just 'making' myself feel like this? like, putting it in my head? is it normal to not want to do anything? cuz i sit there and think about all this stuff i need to do, but i just feel so icky that i cant get up to do it.


fltjt705 - March 7

Yes it is completly normal. We dont all feel good about being pregnant. Those girls on the shows are late in their pregnancy's so you'll feel better in your second trimester or even a little later than that. Your body is still adjusting to the change in hormones. During my pregnancy I could sleep 24 hours if I could, I was very b___hy so I was told I had a ma__sive migraine one day and then it never returned, I was sick for 24 hours straight and then that was it. So be patient it will all come to pa__s in time. Good luck


livdea - March 7

LOL...welcome to pregnancy my dear!


jg - March 7

I have decided that women on pregnancy shows and in pregnancy magazines are not real women. They are robots with a perfectly sized belly, no stretch-marks, no excess hair, no prominent veins, no red face from being so darn hot, no safety pins holding their clothes together, no hormonal pimples, no swollen feet or hands, no excess fluid around the face, no big b___ts or thighs, no bags under their eyes from extreme tiredness, and they walk without a waddle. Does that sound real to you? They've got to be fakes. LOL.


fltjt705 - March 8

I would have to disagree with what jg said. On shows like the baby story those are real women who actually give birth and there is nothing fake about a birth. The magazines can be air brushed, I know because a good friend of mine was a model. So not all of them are fakes, I'm sure some of them are for advertis____nt purposes. But I am a hater because I was nothing compared to those on t.v. I was everything you said with swelling etc.......I guess some of us are just lucky.:O)


Lynne - March 8

The headaches etc are normal its due to the increased bloodflow to supply both you and baby. You will get over this hump and start feeling better. I had all of these symptoms but they went away and I started feeling better. Congrats on your pregnancy.



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