Am I Doing The Right Thing

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Vanessa - June 28

I am 16 and am 4 monts pregnant. The father of my baby is 17 and we met about a year ago. I lived in Florida when I became pregnant. My boyfriend's mother decided that I should move to Arizona because I am part Navajo and let the reservation pay for my pregnancy and delivery. I agreed at the time thinking it was the right thing to do. I am here in Arizona pregnant and everytime I try to contact my boyfriend on his cell he is out with his friends and having a good time. His mother is extremely controlling and I am thinking she is making him avoid responsibility. She is already on non speaking terms with her older son because she did not approve of his girlfriend. Am I being paranoid or does this situation seem strange? Please let me know.


natasha - June 28

shame sweety - your situation seems pretty horrible. i dont' think i am the right kind of person to be giving advice but from personal experience with a very controlling mother - all i can say is... trust your mother! when i was your age my mother tried to live my life for me - hide me away from my friends and dominate my decisions. looking back now (at 28years) i see that my mother had my best interests at heart and was trying to make me lead a good, healthy life. the crowd i was hanging around with wasn't doing my personality any good. only recently did i find the man that i want to spend the rest of my life with and if i had only known what life was to hold for me - i would have listened to my mother all those years ago and avoided the horrible situations that i got myself into - that sometimes still play on my conscience. i think mothers' sometimes know best. getting back to your boyfriend - if he wanted to confront his responsibility then he would be with you and not with his friends. i think you and your baby need to be in an emotionally stable environment which your boyfriend is probably unable to provide for you.



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