Am I Hurting My Baby

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Scared - May 3

I'm really scared that I've hurt my baby from stress. I've been experiencing a lot of stress throughout my pregnancy due to my boyfriend's unfaithfulness to me. It's gone on for some time now and everytime I hear about something or find something out, I get so sad, so angry, so stressed out to the point where I begin to feel physically ill. When I get like this, it's so hard for me to have an appet_te and if I eat, I end up puking it up soon after because my body feels like it shuts down from the stress. I do try to pull myself out of it as quick as possible, I surround myself with friends and family. But as soon as I pull myself out of it, something else has to come up. I'm affraid that my emotions which are all over the place is harming my baby. I'm no longer with the father anymore, so that problem is finally gone, but it doesn't ease my worries of how I could have hurt my baby and it's growth while i was stressing out.


Karen - May 3

I have heard that stress can effect the baby, not sure how. How far along are you ? I dont think you have any thing much to worry about. There are women who do far worst and their babies are fine. Good Luck


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 3

Sounds like you were in a toxic relationship. Glad to hear you got out of it. I'm not a doctor, but i'm willing to bet that everything is okay with your baby. Are you under a doctors care? How far along are you? Have you had an ultrasound yet?


~S~ - May 3

Thanks. Like I said, I try to pull myself out of it ASAP for the sake of my baby, I DO try to eat, just sometimes it doesn't want to stay down. I do take my prenatal vitamines everyday, so hopefully that'll help a bit for nutrients. I drink a lot of water, but when I'm stressed, I don't take too much in. I don't stay stressed for days on end, maybe 1 day sometimes I'll even pull myself out of it that same day, but it was just very consistant. I'm 23 weeks. I had an ultrasound about 4-5 weeks ago, everything was perfect. I have a doctors appointment soon, so I guess I should mention my worries to her.


Heidi - May 3

I understand your concern. I'm in the same boat but not because of a cheating partner, but lots of other stuff and I worry it will effect my baby also. I'm only 15 wks along and the stress should subside soon so I'm hoping to have a more happier pregnancy during the second half!!!!



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