Am I Insane

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KS - November 16

I need some reassurance that I'm not completely insane...I keep dropping stuff and then bursting into tears about it, I'm scared that I'm becoming incapable of driving and I'm going to hit something...and this morning whilst being subjected to verbal abuse my a female driver behind me, I actually got out of my car and had a go back !! What is wrong with me ? I'm so ashamed and I feel like I'm losing what little grasp I have on reality. I want to be a nice person and a good mum, but I feel that nice people don't get out of their vehicles and exacerbate I have felt a little giddy for the past two days, but that's beside the point. Please either tell me I'm nuts so that I can deal with it, or tell me that someone out there is the same. I'm going to go to the loo's and have a cry now ! Many thanks x


Lisa - November 16

Welcome to pregnancy! How many weeks are you? Don't worry, you won't be crazy forever! :)


KS - November 16

I'm 20 weeks. I'm actually on here as Kerry, but I didn't want people to think I was horrible and mad, so I used my initials instead ! Thanks for making me feel a little bit better, I really appreciate it ! x


Lisa - November 16

You can be as mad as you can want to; this is the only time I think we can offically get away with it! :)


kris A. - November 16

Dont worry Kerry - it's normal and I am the same way right now, I think it is healthy to "b__w up" and have a good cry. If I feel one coming on, I let it come, I always feel SO much better afterwards... I am due Monday, and yesterday I actually had a meltdown after coming home at 8 pm from a 12 hour shift to a dirty home (spotless when I left) and three teenagers (home on snow day) lounging around - having spent the day trashing the house. No animals fed or cared for, dishes undone, laundry undone, etc. I asked them why the dishes weren't done and the answer was - "not their job!" So I threw a HISSY FIT and threw every dish in the sink in the trash, and proceeded to throw everything not in it's place into the outside garbage can. It wasn't mine so I didn't care. Then I burst into tears. That shocked them a little and they got moving. I dont advise breaking your dishes, though, I am kinda feeling stupid about that, but it did feel good seeing the shocked looks on their faces and hearing a very satisfying CRASH at each piece. Unfortunately, now I have to replace my plates. sigh. And when I woke up this morning, the laundry was all done as well. And I feel much better - a little stupid, but better! :)


Christi - November 16

Hi ladies! Unfortunately I have been going through much of the same. My boyfriend thinks I am completely psycho!!! We've had everything from arguments over the house being messy to me almost leaving over burnt Some days I am stupidly happy, and others... its healthy to leave me


Kerry - November 17

Christi - I feel the same as you ! One minute I'm on top of the world and then the next I feel like I'm losing control of everything and down right low. It's how I imagine Bi-polar to be, only obviously on a much lesser scale..!


dylan - November 17

with my first pregnancy, my now ex literally hid all the knives in our house from me because he was afraid i would stab him while he slept. i now wish i had, but it was that bad. i would yell at the mailman if he left our box open a crack! my second preggo, i wasn't so bad, but my b/f was very relieved when i gave birth and got my sense of humor back. btw, i wasn't kidding about him hiding the knives. he did it!



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