Am I Losing My Mucous Plug At 15wks

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AshleyB - June 24

Hi, this may be tmi-- but, I'm 15wks, and I frequently get a yellowy/cloudy/greenish discharge. There's no odor or any discomfort or itching or anything. I'm positive I don't have any std's so please don't say its that. But It's usually clumpy and very stretchy/stringy. Is this part of my mucous plug that is coming out? I get it the most after bowel movements. Sorry if this is yucky, it just has me a little worried. ?


Rhonda - June 24

Could be some type of infection.


Rhonda - June 24

I did not want to send it yet,I wanted to also say,it could be bacterial vagit_tis(sp)but at any rate you really should see your dr soon as possible.


AshleyB - June 25

Thanks, I don't have a doc appt for another couple weeks. But it seems to be getting a little heavier lately so I didn't know if it's something I should wait on or not.


tndrlvn - June 25

i wouldnt' wait hun, i'd get checked just to make sure especially if it is getting heavier, keep us posted hun and good luck.


Rhonda - June 25

Ashley,dont wait you need to get in quickly as possible.If it is an infection it could be serious.You need to call and tell your dr what is going on and tell them you need to be seen fast.dont wait a couple of weeks.It's important that you get treatment if you need it.And please let us know.take care.


Rhonda - June 25

Ashley,A thin milky mild smelling discharge during pregnancy is normal.But one that is yellowish,greenish,or thick and cheesy,or is foul smelling,or has itching or burning,is likely that you have an infection(like vagint_tis)so it is important you get it treated.


Tanna - June 26

Ashley, not to be too grose, but with every pregnancy of mine my discharge has been more yellowish than the white that you always read about. Yes, it can also mean infection, but that is not what mine ever was. For some reason that is just the way my discharge is when I'm pregnant.


Rhonda - June 26

Yes but hre's is greenish as well,which is a big sign of infection.


Rhonda - June 26

Yes but her's is also greenish,which could be a big indiction of infection.


Rhonda - June 27

Damn it,the wrong one posted too.


Lynne - June 27

Do you feel any pressure like the baby has dropped at all? You could be thinning and this causes an increase in discharge. Just to be safe I would call and make an appt and explain that your afraid you may have an infection. If you have felt that your baby is "dropping" or that you have pressure in your cervix you may tell them you might have a thinning cervix and you need to be checked. At any rate they should get you an appt as soon as possible. I always wonder when I hear of an increase in v____al discharge if others felt the same thing I did. I didn't realize it but my cervix was incompetent and I was thinning. Just get it checked out to make sure. It is probably nothing, just an increase in discharge which is normal during pregnancy but the tinge of green is a sign of infection. But in my case I had thinning of the cervix at 24 weeks as the baby was putting on weight. I thought the pressure down there was normal when indeed it was not. Please let us know what the doctor says. -L


AshleyB - June 27

Hi ladies, thanks for the advice. It seems since I posted this the discharge has pretty much disappeared. Go figure. But I will be calling the doc anyways. I guess it was more yellowish than greenish. I've heard that it can just be tinted from urine too. So who knows. But it was very long and stringy thats why I was worried. Anyway I will let you know the outcome. Thanks everyone.



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