Am I Miscarrying Please Help

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Emily - October 21

Hi Ladies, I am terrified. I am only 5 weeks pregnant with my first. This morning I experienced more cramps than usual (but not bad), a watery discharge and my br___ts stopped hurting and seem to have gone down in size. I now feel no cramps or anything. I did a test just to make sure and it is still very positive. But Im terrified I may be miscarrying. Im so new to this Im unsure what to expect. I have seen no blood! Please can anyone tell me if I should be concerned


to Emily - October 21

I don't think you are miscarrying but can you describe this watery discharge? What is it like? Anyways, your symptoms will come and go. So don't really worry abou that. What you really have to look out for is really bad cramping and blood. If you don't have that then you should not self-diagnose a miscarriage.


Natbug - October 21

I would not worry unless you start to have severe pain and are bleeding. The watery discharge is normal during pregnancy and so is a little cramping. I don't think you b___st have gotten smaller I think you are just a little bit too paranoid! It sounds like nothing at all so you do not need to get all worked up over it, because stress CAN cause you to miscarry! good luck :)


Sara - October 21

The same thing happened to me and i miscarried. My b___bs all of a sudden stopped hurting and kinda unswelled, and a day later there was blood and I miscarried, you should go to the doctor asap, not that they will help, cuz they dont care.


relax - October 22

sara's answer was heartfelt, unless you see blood, don't panic.. Go to the doctor though and talk to them to ease your mind and yes try not to stress or bring on any stress


Pam - October 25

Sara;s answer was heartfelt? I think it was very uneducated. Unfortunately, the symptoms you are having could mean that you are having a miscarriage. Perhaps what Sara was trying to say is that this early in pregnancy, there is nothing that can be done. It is not that healthcare providers won't, or refuse to help. I wish you the best. I have been in your same place twice, and it isn't fun not knowing. Try to be positive and just take it day by day.



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