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anonymous_anonymous - March 9

Hi, i'm 19 years old and usually get periods at proper time. Usually during intimate times, i get naked with my boy friend and do not involve in any sort of intercourse. The last time he touched my va___a twice. That was some 10 days before my normal period due date. Now its almost 5 days after my period due date and still i'm yet to get a period. Am i pregnant. I'm not under any stress or any sort of medication. I'm really afraid if i'm pregnant and really worried. My mother doesnt know about these matters. She has told me she'll get me a medicine to induce periods. I want to know even if i'm pregnant will these medicines surely start my periods. I tried eating papaya fruit but nothing seemed to work. Please help me i dont want to get pregnant and spoil my life. Please help me. We didnt indulge in any intercourse and am really afraid of being pregnant. I'm not seeing any increase in body temperature. I'm not also experiencing any tiredness or nausea nor any headache. I'm just having a back pain. But i usually have back pain as i'm travelling long distance in bus to my college. I think its normal too. Please help me solve this problem. I want to get my periods. Will such period inducing pill induce period even if i was pregnant. What can i do to get my periods back. Any desi remedies


julie2007 - March 11

if you dont' want to get pregnant (as you state) then keep your panties on!


dragonlady1380 - March 11

heres a question for u. did ur boyfriend come before he touched u because if not the only way u wud be preg is if u were the reincarnation of mary. ur only 19 ur periods r bound to be all over the place even if they have been regular before hell im almost 30 and mine r still haywire. if ur that worried go the docs and get tested it will put ur mind at rest.


Naomi98 - March 11

OK, first of all, big deep breaths and relax. The chances of you being pregnant without intercourse are absolutely tiny. 10 days before your period would most likely have been past your fertile period anyway. I really don't think you have anything to worry about. If that doesn't put your mind at ease, get a cheap pregnancy test and test at home. I think taking medication to induce a period is a bit much for the moment - just give it a few more days. It might just be an off cycle - it happens sometimes. Good luck.


Jezebel - March 12

you are not pregnant from him touching your v____a, relax. you need to see your dr, there could be any number of reasons why your period has stopped and yes, they do have a pill to make it come back if the dr finds it necessary, they also have birth control. good luck



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