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Kareena - November 7

I am 2 weeks late. I don;t know if I am pregnant. nausea and abdominal pain are a frequent occurance, what should I do?


Kareena - November 11

I am 3 weeks late tommorow. I went to the clinic and they said that the test results were negative. I haven't had my period since september. What should I do


A - November 11

I would call the dr's and talk to them. Get a blood test to test and see if there are any pregnancy hormones in you! If not the will talk with you ablut other options. They told me if I was 2 weeks late, i took a test and it was neg, to come in and they would give me something to start my period. BUT PLEASE PLEASE make sure you are not PREG... I have read many posts on here about taking test and they are all NEG even blood test are neg. Just make sure if you go to get them to test for the pregnancy hormone and not just a neg or pos! Good luck!


Natalie H. - November 15

Hi Kareena, I am also 3 weeks late. I took a hpt this morning and it was negative. I called my drs. and theyre out til next week so I cant even get a blood test yet. I have all the symtoms and feel pregnant. Ive heard that in some people you can be 6 weeks pregnant before it will show. Blood tests are pretty reliable though. I have known them to be wrong though with negative results. I had my last period on Sept. 28. Im so confused and I want to know whats going on. Ive also had nausia followed by vomitting, and cramping achy pains in my lower abdominal area, fatigue, sore b___sts, etc. If you have the symtoms it could just be too early to detect the hcg hormone in your urine. Good Luck! Keep us updated with your outcome.


Dany - November 15

I was also 3 weeks late. I went to the docs office and took a blood test that came out negative. He gave me something called Provera which is supposed to start your cycle. I just can't take it because in the back of my mind I think what if??????? Also I am a firm believer that my body knows what is best for it, not doctors!!! Anyway good luck!!


Kareena - November 16

Thanks for your comments I will go back to the doctors on friday to hopefully take another test, because I have to go to a doctor for the blood test, so I will see what happens, I will keep you posted



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