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maribel0429 - June 17

Hello. My name is Maribel and I would like to know if some one out there may helpe out. I would like to know if is possible to get pregnant a couple of days before you get your menstrual period. Let me explain my self better. I've been s_xually active wit my current boyfriend and have unprotected s_x with him. We generally have s_x at least 2 times a week. Well my last menstrual period started on April 28, 2006 and lasted until May 17, 2006. I have a very heavy flow when I'm menstruating. And usually last anywhere from 12 to 15 days long. Well the thing is that I was supposed to get my period this month (June the 15, 2006.) But something weird happend. I had s_x with my boyfriend on June 12, 2006 and after we finished I notice that I had bleed. I thought it was my period, but NO! I know this because I went to the restroom and when I wipe myself it was hardly nothing. I just stained the toilett paper just a little. The next day which was the 06-13-2006...nothing. No period! So I went to the doctor on Wednesday and got a blood test done. On wednesday no period during the day, until the night time. And it was only a couple of stains. Which for me that is not normal. I called the Thursday (06-14-2006) to get my results, but the doctor said it was negative. Was a little dissapointed since I do want to have a little baby. Friday 06/15/206.... Hardly nothing. Just a little stained when I wiped. Is it possible that I may have got pregnant Wednesday.... since it tales around 2 days to concieve after you have s_x? And is it possible that I took the blood test to soon and may have not had any hormones that proved that I was actually pregnant? I know my body and this little flow of blood that I been experiencing this week is not NORMAL! When should I get a urine test done? And does may think the same way as I do? May I really be pregnant as for this moment? Please anyone help me. Thanks!!!


Grandpa Viv - June 17

Since you have frequent unprotected s_x and were expecting a period 6/15, the likely chance to get pregnant was from s_x the last week of May. Right now you are only a few days past your expected period. I would buy a couple more hpt and take them first morning pee next Tue and again next Sat - by then there is a firly good chance of them being accurate. Do you not have any early preg sings? Good luck!


maribel0429 - June 18

no early pregnancy signs. Just a little dizzy every time I get up from anywhere that I'm still.



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