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Appie - February 15

Hi everyone...need a little help. I had my last period on January 8, 2007. I estimated my ovulation time to be around the 22nd of january. My boyfriend and I had s_x on the 20,21and 22 or 23 and I believe later on that week as well. My cycle is usually around 28-29 days. Can you tell me what day I prob should have had AF? I believe the around the 6th? Which would make me about 9 days late...what are the chances I am pregnant? Oh, and we are ttc!!


Grandpa Viv - February 15

Good timing, and late too! How about other signs like tired, ga__sy, peeing, wet, bbs, acne, occasional nausea and dizzy feelings, smells, appet_te, runny nose, ect? Take a test first am pee Saturday morning. Good luck!


Appie - February 15

Ok my bbs are very sore, esp nipples. Occa__sionally I am tired, but I wake up pretty far no appet_te is good, but I excercise and run so I can' t tell if it is from that or if I'm pregnant. I only fig out my ovulation time from a calendar on line using two past menstrual periods...but my cycle is pretty much around the same time each month anyway. I have been peeing a decent amount but I drink alot of water as well.


Appie - February 15

I also have noticed a few days of slight headaches the past week as well. Thank you for your response and for the luck!!


AmySmoak - February 15

I am in the same boat! My last AF was Jan 9th. I have a 28 day cycle usually. My DH and I are just starting TTC. I have not been charting Ovulation yet, so I don't know when I O'd, but I am experienceing all those lovely PG symptoms including a little nausea. I had a quant. blood test done on Monday and the Dr said it was a 2.5. She just did call to let me know and said it could be early still if I O'd late. I have had cramps this week, like AF was coming and I run to bathroom and nothing. We will see! I am going to test again on Tuesday! Keep us updated! Baby Dust!


Appie - February 15

I am just wondering if 2 months of dates is enough to try and predict ovulation and menstruation cycles?? Does anyone know out there?


AmySmoak - February 15

It is really not possible to go back and try and predict ovulation, b/c thats all it is...perdicting that it "might" have been at that time. If we are late, all we can do is keep on testing! Baby Dust!!!


Appie - February 17

ok, well I tested on Friday and it is a positive!!! So, I go to the dr on monday for bloodwork...amysmoak good luck to you on Tuesday!! baby dust to everyone!!


AmySmoak - February 17

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! I am testing soon! I hope my DH and I get a BFP!!! Keep us posted! Have a healhy and happy 9 months!


AmySmoak - February 19

I got my BFP today and DH and I are so excited!!!! Baby to dust and a Healthy and Happy 9 months to us all!


Appie - February 21

Congratulations to you...Happy 9 months to you and yours!! I just found out blood test 2day and it is def positive!!! Bring on the ultrasounds!!!



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