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carlyxo - March 28

Im 14 years old, and my boyfriends 16. We've been having s_x plenty of times this past month not using a condom or birth control. I have no idea if im pregnant, and i dont think i wanna know by a test. Im exhausted, i had a light period for about two days. I have the worst backaches ever and im super moody. I also had a bladder infection, and something said it coud be a sign. what do you think? please help me.


Grandpa Viv - March 29

Yeah, I think you should a__sume youare pregnant unless you take a test and prove otherwise. A light period, exhausted, backaches, emotional and bladder infection all compute. How about changes in appet_te, smells, dreams, peeing more often, lightheaded moments, b___b and nip signs, upset gut, runny nose, lotion discharge etc? Don't forget prenatal vitamins, important at this stage. What kind of help do you need?


lunamoo - March 30

one question only: why are you not using birth control??


ViVi - April 8

First of all...14 is not the age to have s_x. U are not even matured enough to know to use a condom or birth control. Well...anyways try the HPT to know & take the next steps. Im too facing these symptoms but for me, its too early for a HPT now....waiting for the right time for it. Good luck!


tonilee - April 8

Carlyxo, I am now 25 expecting with #3, but I also like you got pregnant when I was very young (15) I am still with the same partner now and we have 2 adorable children that I woulded give up for the world and have just found out we are expecting #3. My advice to you is to go out and get a HPT and see what the results are or you will be putting yourself through all this wondering and worrying for nothing. If it turns out you are pregnant then you go from there, but as I said no need to worry yourself until you actually know what the result is...If you dont mind me asking?? you say you havnt been using contraception at all, you say this almost like you deliberatly didnt use protection...if this is the case why are you so worried about the outcome?? Anyway enough said I hope all goes well for you, and if you are pregga's I hope your BF is supportive as he had a hand in this too :-) Goodluck



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