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nain5800 - May 1

Hello everyone, I'm 25 and married. I'm trying to get pregnant for 2 months. Last month I thought I was pregnant n did home preg test which came out to be negative. This month I calculated my ovulation date which was from 23 Apr 2011 to 28 Apr 2011. I had intercourse almost everynight during these days. Today is 1st May n im having cramps like menstrual cramping but my periods date is 12 May 2011 n also my feet start hurting as soon when i do little bit of work. Could I be pregnant or could these cramps n foot pain be due to the fact that I'm working a lot?


Grandpa Viv - May 1

Good exposure! You may be experiencing implantation cramps, but you need more signs than that to start getting up your hopes. I have never seen hurting feet posted as a sign before. Baby dust to you!


nain5800 - May 1

ok thanks for quick reply:)


redspot - May 11

Help!!! I had unprotected s_x 6 days and 2 days before my period. Could I be pregnant? I'm expierencing headaches,bloating,cramping,nipple tingling and loose bowels.


nain5800 - May 13

hello im back.... my periods date was May 12 n today is May 1 day late also im suffering from bad diarrhea since May 12...could this be a sign of pregnancy?


yadapayne - May 23

me and my husband had s_x on my ovulating days from may 8th-13th my period is due the 25th,on the 20th i started bleeding very light pink blood only notice it when i wipe myself but then over night until the next day it was completely gone until 11am it was light pink again only noticed when i wiped down there,then towards the evening it became like a medium flow then the same day at night it stoped again only little s is spotting when i wiped then aand later on that night it was a little discharge in the pink blood,then later on i saw a little light brown but not its sunday and my bleeding is medium but little red with little cranping i wanna no should i take a pregnancy test


yadapayne - May 23

could it be implantation bleeding cause my period is not due until 25th of i pregnant or should i take a pregnancy test or what


lastone - May 23

You may be experiencing pms. You can take a test, but it would probably be best to wait until the 25th or 26th at least.


lastone - May 23

that comment was for redspot


yadapayne - May 23

still waiting for a responce about my question


Grandpa Viv - May 23

Yada, that sounds like implantation spotting, but wait until your period is late before testing. GL!


yadapayne - May 23

0k i still have pink blood it was going off earlier but it came back on only when i wipe i just took a pregnancy test and it came back negative my period is due on 25th wednesday so how will i no if my period is late when im still bleeding and its monday already.i went to get a cheap dollar pregnancy test.does that matter what should i do did i take the test to early i really need help if anybody no or ever went through this before cause i wanna test again


Grandpa Viv - May 24

Yada, the best plan is to test once every few days using first morning pee, starting when a normal period is missed. A light bleed is not a normal period. You are not listing any of the other early signs, so don't get your hopes up yet!


Cutipie23 - June 2

Grandpa viv I need your help please



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