Am I Pregnant And Alcohol In Early Pregnancy

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Beanie - May 11

I'm not sure if I'm pregnant yet, it wasn't planned or anything, but I am a week and a half late for AF. I had the normal signs of a period when it was due, moodiness, bloating, HUGE (larger than normal) br___ts, but no blood. I've got mild pains in my belly now and have been getting headaches. Does it sound as though I may be pregnant? I'm going to the doctors to get tested tomorrow afternoon but don't think I can wait that long! Also, I went out one night and had half a bottle of champagne. The next night I had 3 glasses of scotch and coke. I obviously didn't think I was pregnant, but if I am, will that affect the baby? Please help, I'm rather anxious!


Jbear - May 12

Sounds like you could be pregnant. You can double check with your doctor, but I was told any alcohol you drank that early was too early to hurt the baby, since it had not implanted yet.


Maddie - May 12

I did WAY worse than that before I knew I was pregnant. I just had my 21st birthday and got totally drunk, drinking whiskey shots!! I prayed for my baby, so I'm not's in God's hands.


stephanie - May 12

You very well could be pregnant, Just have to wait till you go to the doc or take a preg. test. As for the drinking.....girl do you know how many people including me, drank and did lots worse than what you did before we knew? lol.....if you don't know, you don't know. That's the way I look at it......Maddie is right, it is in Gods hands, but I think are babies will be just fine!!! By the way I did ask my doc about that and she said that I would worry about it a whole lot more than they would and that everything was probably fine.....Good Luck


Beanie - May 12

Since posting I had a looked at a couple of other topics re: drinking and with the amount I drank I'm not too worried anymore, thankfully. One other question though, I heard iron tablets can make you sick. I got an order of supplements in yesterday and took one of each last night. I had the worst nights sleep last night, don't know why but I was really restless (could have slept through an earthquake the way I've been sleeping the past few weeks, but not last night). This morning I took another zinc supplement and then I felt real sick and dizzy - does this sound like it was because of the supps and restless sleep, or does it sound like morning sickness?


Maddie - May 12

I remember, before I knew I was preg. I took a vitamin, and got really sick...threw up. For some reason the vitamins made me sick to my stomach.



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