Am I Pregnant I M Confused

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25guessing - January 10

The first day of my last period was 16/11/2004. Counting the 16/11/2004 as Day1, my period should have come around Day35. Now its already 10/01/2005, and I've still not had my period! I'm almost 3 weeks late. I've taken 3 home pregnancy test, and all have came back with negative (there's one that's kind of funny, kind of had a faint positive line) results. I'm 25, and trying to get pregnant. And all this is so fustrating. I've never been this late... my latest every period came by Day38.


To 25guessing - January 10

There have been some other people on this site that each test came out negative but they were still pregnant. I know it can be frustrating but have you been to the doctor to see if they can do a blood test on you? With a blood test it's a more accurate test than hpt. The test I used when I first thouht I was pregnant was the ClearBlue digital test. I used it 4 days before my period and I got possitive. I highly recomend that test but in your case I9 think you should go see the doc for a more accurate testing.


m - January 10

I agree, sounds like you need a quant_tative blood test. Call your doctor (or clinic) and request that they give you one today. If you got a faint positive on one of your tests, that may mean you are, but maybe you have low hcg. I'd get a blood test. Keep us posted, and good luck!


25guessing - January 11

Wow, thanks for the respond! I've also been using the ClearBlue digital test, but the holder says "negative". It's when I ejected the test stick that I saw a very very very faint positive line. I can't be sure if there's really a line, or I'm so cranky now I'm seeing things. And, by the way, what's a quant_tative blood test? I'm Singaporean, but am in Sri Lanka right now. It's not so developed over here, so I'm thinking I may have to go to the hospital to get tested. Can I jus see a GP? Or should I make an appointment with a gynaecologist? I have no signs, I think. I only have really sore, aching shoulders... sleeping more, kind of like a "cold & flu" feeling. But my b___st are not swelling... my tummy feels a teensy bit bloated. But that's it... nothing else. I've been pushing back the trip to the clinic because I'm so afraid that I'll be disappointed. My hubby has "bad" quality sperm... and our chances of conceiving naturally are low. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I am!! In the meantime, I just feel like I'm going crazy, really =)



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