Am I Pregnant Or A Worry Wort

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Brittney - September 1

My boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago, he has been seeing other girls and I've been seeing other guys. My ex and I have been having s_x, the last time we had s_x was on Tuesday 24th of Aug. July 4th I started my period and Aug. 8th I started my period. Well, He went in me on the 24th. I decided I would look at ovulation calculator and see if I was fertile or not. He also mentioned something to me that day about be 'sooo wet' (Sorry!!) So I am sure I was ovulating, it has only been about a week too early to take a pregnancy test. My br___t feel different, kind of like...they are real firm...sore, but yet soft?? I guess I am just stressing out, I don't want to tell him until I make sure I am!...Any idea of my chances?? Thanks!


SaRaH - August 30

It is too early for you to tell. Sometimes if you are stressing or cant seem to get it off of your mind your body may feel symptoms that are false. Also if yall are both "seeing" other people it might be wise to make sure that neither of you are s_xually active with other people. STD's are EVERYWHERE!!!!! GooD LucK!!


me - August 31



Brittney - August 31

okay do you want me to say that he nutted in me?? I'm 23 years old, I was trying to make it as clean as possible but he NUTTED in me?? YOU LIKE THAT ANSWER BETTER??


SaRaH - August 31

Brittney are either of yall s_xually active with other people>


Brittney - August 31

I'm not s_xually active with ANYONE other than him, so I know if I am pregnant it is his. I think he has had s_x at least 1 other time since we broke up, He isn't too smart about condoms and such, I guess he'll learn in the long run if he keeps it up huh?...But, no I'm not s_xually active with anyone.


SaRaH - August 31

I just want you to know that even if you are not but he is diseases are still out there. If you have enough respect for yourself and you do not want an STD then it is best to make him wear a condom with you. I am not trying to tell you what to do, but I would hate to hear that you cant have kids because he gave you something that you cant get rid of!!!!!!! Also as soon as you have missed your period I would test if I were you. GOD bless U!


Mary - August 31

Sounds like the best thing to do is wait at this point. And, hope it doesn't sound like I'm b___ting in, but, reading everyone's comments, you should be more sure you don't sleep with guys who have slept with other girls without using a condom. I'd hate for you to get an STD for this! And you probably are stressing out a little, just wait it out calmly, if you freak too much, you may make your period skip and that'll double your fears, but at that time, take a pregnancy test!


Brittney - August 31

I competely understand where you guys are coming from, I already decided if me and him EVER get back together...he WILL wear a condom. We used protection about the first month we were together, and then we quit. I thought me and him would spend the rest of our lifes guys know how it is when you met the 'man of your dreams' I was WRONG!...Girls are so different from guys...guys really dont care what kind of diseases are out there and what they are giving other girls. I respect you guys, for helping me and telling me to use protection. Next time I will...I guess you can never be too safe. If I am pregnant its not the worse thing in life, we really didn't 'plan' on having a baby, we did try when we were together...but this was after the fact of breaking up. I guess we need to grow up incase we have a baby. Thanks so much!...and if you have any more opinions feel free to state them, after all I am the one pouring out my drama on you guys!


Steph - August 31

Brittney I was only 1 week late and I took a HPT (First response) and it showed positive for pregnancy so I don't believe 1 week late is too early to test. If you did test and it was negative, I would wait another week & retest. I believe some people don't test at a week late because they don't want to waste the $$ on a hpt. Again, mine was positive after one week late. Good luck.


wendy - August 31

wait until the first day of your missed period and then take a pregnancy test, look at the test before you take it because not all test are created equal, you will want to take a test that is sensitive enough so you won't keep wondering if the results were correct. also stress can make a woman late, so don't stress too much about this or else you might get a false miss.


Brittney - September 1

I shouldnt start my period until early September...It's been barely a week ago since we had s_x


Steph - September 1

You should miss your period first before you test. Good luck.


Brittney - September 1

Yeah, I think I should start around the 10th. Yesterday I counted 2 weeks after the first day of my last period...and It was around the 22nd when is the ovulation peek? 2 days into it?...I know sperm can live for 24-48 hours right?...and eggs can only live for....12 hours?...I am not one of the 15 year old girls that are competely worried about getting pregnant. Me and my ex knew exactly what we were doing and we know the out come, it wont be the worse thing in the world if I am pregnant. We might not try to work things out, we might, I don't know and only time can tell. But I am mature enough and I have done a little research on it. I really haven't been hungry....I've been eatting like....a meal a day. My b___st feel like they are swollen, I really can't tell...I am a large C, so I don't know how big they will get?...But I dont know...Thanks guys! I love the opinions and help!



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