Am I Pregnant Or Not

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DHickson - March 8

My period is 6 days late, and I've never been late in my life. The longest cycle I've gone is 30 days. I've taken several tests and they all come back negative? We had intercourse at the right time of ovulation and I know that I ovulated. I'm almost positive I am pregnant but why are the tests not showing it? I'm so frustrated.


Liz - March 8

Did you use an extra sensitive Hpt? Your other choice is to see doc. for a blood test. Best of luck!


DHickson - March 9

Liz, I'm not sure I even know that those exist. Where do you buy them? Are they found in a normal pharmacy?


Liz - March 9

Go to I think alot of people use "first response EARLY detection" it's is suppose to work soon then others. Best of luck!


Liz - March 9

You could also schedule an appt. w/ doc for blood test. What test have you been using? Just curious.


Claire - March 9

I think first off you should go and see your doctor and explain the situ they should then do a blood test to see if they can detect the pregnancy hormone. When I was PG I didn't get a + test until I was 12 weeks - so don't worry (i know it's hard not to though) Have you got any symptoms?


DHickson - March 9

I've tried First Response, Clearblue easy, Life brand, and at least one other. I haven't had any clear symptoms to speak of, but with my first pregnancy I didn't have a single symptom either. So that doesn't help. If I don't get AF by tomorrow, I'll book for Friday!!


Lynsay - March 9

Did anyone ever have a negative BT and have actually been PG??? I had to 2 EPT's come out faint positive, I called the 800# and even they lady there said it was a positive result. I took a BT Monday and it came back Tues. neg. LMP Feb 4th, me and Hubby desparetly trying. Now I think something more serious could be going on.


Lez - March 9

Hi, I am 3 weeks late today, have done three tests before today all negative, have been a bit tired but put it down to late nights. Did a fourth test this afternoon and it is positive. I'm ecstatic, cant believe it after the negatives. Good luck to everyone trying and dont despair negatives arent always true!!


Lynsay - March 9

Lez- Did you have negative hpt's or negative blood tests?


DHickson - March 10

I'm so sad. I got AF today. What a stupid episode that was. I hope next time I can just test after a couple days and it will be a BFP!!! Thanks for all your advice.


n - March 10

some time it is very early to show in home test . some test do not show the right result befor 15 days just wait i know it is hard


JJ - March 10

I was suppose to get AF on the 5/ 6thof march last af on feb3 and I am about 30-32 day cycle.It is day 36 and 4 days late took a test on friday and was negative could I be prenant How late is late when should I retest Don't want to to early


Lez - March 12

Hi Lyndsay, I had 3 negative HPT's and when I went to the doctor after i got the positive he didn't even offer a blood test or urine test just made me book an appointment with the midwife. So after 3 neg's i was a bit wary of the positive but I did another HPT yesterday different brand and it was also positive.



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