Am I Pregnant Please Help Asap

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scared!! - November 5

omg someone please help me me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x,except it wasnt really s_x cuz ya we are new at the whole thing and he just put it in me for like 2 sec and then took it out and i dont even know if it was all the way in but he sayd he felt like he had to ejaculate but he says that he didnt but then ppl tell me that sumtimes the male cant feel if a litle comes out and could that do anything?? but now im so scared bcuz i wake up every morning with hot flashes and then i feel so sick but i dont kno if its bcuz i am so scared that im thinking about that and its happening cuz its only a weird feelin in my stomach and the hot flashes just for 2 days now. we did this maybe a week and a half ago weeks ago or so and im about maybe 3 days late on my period but sometimes i know that happens but im still scared i could be pregnant, my br___ts are just itchy at some points but i dont knw what that means, my friends who have s_x all the time are tellin me not to worry but i ddont know if they are jus saying that can someone plzzz help i am so scared if i were to get pregnant i would be in sooo much trouble!!!!!!


cj - November 5

it is hard to say if you are pregnant at the moment. i started to get pregnancy symptoms around 4/5 weeks. if your periods are late do a pregnancy test cause it should show up now. although you wasnt sure if your boyfriend ejaculated or not, the p___s does sometimes leak. if you are early in pregnancy you can get a tablet from the doctor to end it before it starts to develop which means you would have a really heavy period for a week or so, but get it checked out asap! hope eveything goes well for you.


KM - November 5

cj-not everywhere offers those type of abortions, the methotrextate injections.She would have to talk to her doctor about what her options are as far as abortion, if she was indeed pregnant. To me it sounds like you are just freaking out,and stress can cause a late or absent period.Also, if you are new at having s_x, that could upset your cycle as well. You are right though, just because your bf didn't ejaculate, if you aren't using any type of birth control you can get pregnant. There is always pre-c_m and the male usually won't notice.A lot of guys will tell you you can't get pregnant if he doesn't ejaculate, don't believe this! get educated and if you're going to keep having s_x go talk to your doctor or go to a clinic and get some birth control. Take care of yourself


scared - November 5

thank u for anyone who wrote bak so far i just have one more question... if my boyfriend did acturally ejaculate a little in me but his p___s was not all the way in me does that make any difference???


KM - November 5

no, if the sperm was near your v____a.. even if the p___s was just in a little you can get pregnant.sperm are good swimmers!


Suzy - November 6

Your late period could be down to the stress you're putting yourself through. It is possible that you could be pregnant though - get it checked out as soon as you can. Good luck!!!


scared - November 8

ok well i still havent gotten my period but now like the dizziness and everything went away except my b___sts are sore but that usually happens before i get my period.. i dont have any discharge coming out and i am very dry... do u think im going to get my period soon or shud i still b scared, i was going to go buy a preg test this morning and then go to the doctors this week and now i dont kno what to do! this is driving me crazy bcuz i was already stressed this month and now i am even more stressed taht i cant eat or sleep and im so scared taht i just start crying by thinking about it ! someone help:(


cj - November 8

if your period are late then get a pregnancy test because thats when it best shows up. if its negative and your periods still havent come then go to the doctor. dont panic it will just make you feel worse, there is lots of help out there, i know this sort of thing can mess you up but if you keep calm, it will make it easier. good luck.x


kareena - November 8

Hi I was reading and I notice that you ask whether his p___s was all the way in can you still get pregnant. Your v____al area is secreted, that secretionis wet ad sperm cannot make it it your uterus unles it can swimin something. so as long as it was near your v____al area you may be pregnant. Also I would advise that you dont stress too much, If he did not fully ejaculate, you can be impregnanted by prec_m. keep me posted


scared - November 8

what do u mean dont stress if im impregnated by prec_m? im confused i thought prec_m can get u pregnant


kareena - November 8

I was sayng not to worry too much, the more you worry the more it will seem like you are pregnant. You can get pregnant by pre c_m, but there is also a chance that you wont. Thats all Im saying.


scared - November 8

okay thank u .. im going to take a preg test tomoro morning im scared tho:(


lucy - November 9

okay, first off all if your worried and scared and really dont know why are u leaving a pregnancy test till late? does the suspence not kill u i'd be stright down the chemist and pick one up and rush back home to let my mind rest..instead of talking about it and worrying and stressing go get it checked then come and tell us whats happend...good luck


amanda - November 9

go get a pregnancy test girl, dont leave it this late it will stress you more...and if your not pregnant let "unprotected" s_x teach you a lesson..if your so scared to get in trouble then think about what you do first..a baby isnt just for xmas its for life and your own responsibility..something you have to take care of your whole life and run around after it. when instead you could be out with mates having a good really think about that kinda stuff...go get some protection..


scared - November 9

ok well i went to get a preg test... ya dont worry people i was stressed bcuz i have school and everything and i needed to have time for acturally going and i did as soon as possible.. anyways i did it this morning and it was negative after 3 min and it was a strong pink and it didnt change i even checked tonight and its still the same so im hoping that was right.. the brand was first response..does anyone know if that kind is good ?? what does anyone think i should do now ? wait n then go to the doc if i stil dun get my period in a few days?



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