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Ruby - April 5

i stopped taking my pill 4 days before i was supposed to get my period. 5 days later i got my period , the next night i had s_x with my boyfriend and he ejculated in me then he did so the next night about the same time . im still on my period . could i be pregnate?


jena - April 5

it's not too likely since you are on your period - you aren't very fertile right now. but it's always possible, so keep taking the pill in the future if you don't want to get preggo. in the meantime, you kind of just have to wait until your next period to see if you miss it..


grandma - April 6

well that is nasty for you to allow him to ejculate in you while your peroid is on.In i hope you not pregnant honey! is's for your baby good in your good.


amber - May 8

when you have s_x in your b___t can you still get pregnate?


tehProgamer - May 9

as soon as the large intestine can produce egg cells then taking it into your b___t can mek you pregnant, but i believe that you're normal therefore yo wont get preggie there


kellie - May 19

recently as of one week ago i started getting nose bleeds, headaches,moodyness,and most of all my nipples are so sore to the the touch ,i have noticed a little bit of change in my b___st size ,and my nipple color is usually pink now its changing to a light brown .please tell me am i pregnant . i really need to know can you help . email me a [email protected] .


savannah - July 3

i dont know if im pregnate but i think i am how can i tell w/o buying a test


cindy - July 3

Yes it is very possible that you could get pregnant. I have a friend that just found out that she is preg. and they think she conceived when she was on her period. Hope this helps!!


Shaina - July 4

Every woman is different but I was told that there was only 1 day out of the month that you could possibly get pregnant. You're period is a result of your egg not getting fertilized and breaking. Therefore, when you're on your period there is no egg, so it is highly unlikely for you to get pregnant while on your period. Its usually a week to 2 weeks after your period that you are most fertile.and Amber: no matter what, if protection is not used, no matter where he "sticks it" you can still get pregnant! If your man ejaculated in you b___t, when he pulled out there is a possibility that sperm will travel with it, and cling on to the moist areas. AKA your v____a. Some sperm are olympic swimmers and there is ALWAYS a possibility of pregnancy when no protection is used.



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