Am I Really Dehydrated

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tiggs - January 25

i know i am supposed to drink more fluids etc but i physically cant and now i am worried that i am getting dehydrated..i can only manage a few glasses a day... a lot less than before i got pregnant... ive tried everything.. water, milk, weak squash etc but i just chuck it back up same with food... ive lost a stone of weight in a week and cant put it back on.. my lips are dry and bleed and my skin is getting dry... im also very cold alot and started to get headaches... can anyone help?


krc - January 25

i'd talk to your doctor.It's normal to yak everything up when your pregnant but if your lips are getting chapped bad then i'd say you need fluids. Just keep on chuggin' that water I guess.


tiggs - January 25

thanks... i got my medical history exam on saturday soi'll ask then.... i just feel so rotten at the mo i wanted to check here as well see if theres anything i can do til the weekend...


Tess - January 25

I am too having a hard time drinking enough fluids.......but my Dr said I have to (atleast try to sip 1 gla__s of water every hr) he said as I go farther along the baby would need this.....So Im trying my best to drink enough water/fluids for my baby girl. ;o)


krc - January 25

another reason to try and drink fluids is because you need water to go #2 properly. Not enough fluids can cause constipation, which can lead to hemmroids !!!! woohoo


Jamie - January 25

An easy way to tell if you're properly hydrated is the color of your urine. If it's dark yellow, you're dehydrated. If it's clear, you're probably overhydrated. It should be pale yellow, almost but not quite completely clear. Headaches are one of the first symptoms of dehydration.


tiggs - January 26

i know im supposed to but i really cant no way i can manage a gla__s every hour... the urine thing is helpful... by that im def dehydrated its almost orange... will talk to the doc tonight.. thanks for all your help.



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