Am I Starving My Baby

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elizzabeth-worried - February 24

I am 8 weeks pregnant and i feel sick most of the time, I also feel like throwing up just to see any food around..the thing is I am very worried because I don't eat much only like one meal a day and that is if I don't throw it up...before knowing I was pregnant I used to weight 123 and now I weight 115 I don't know if this affects my baby..PLEASE ADVICE!


P - February 24

Hello again. :) It's normal but not great for you. A lot of people lose weight at beginning of a pregnancy. I know one woman who was sick her entire pregnancy and lost 60 pounds!! Her babies are fine. Make sure you're taking vitamins like Materna and/or Folic acid. Those will help the baby develop even if you're not eating properly yet. Don't worry, this too will pa__s in a few weeks but it will feel like forvever!! lol


E - February 24

Do not worry. I lived on 3 bowls of cheerios with skim, and yogurt smoothies for the first trimester. It was all I could stomach. My baby is growing normally, and is large for his age. The first trimester is not the critical period for caloric intake. Still, it is still important to take a prenatal vitamin so you do not develop deficiencies due to the fact that the baby is taking nutrients from you. Remember, the baby takes from you and you get what is left. As far as folic acid goes, the neural tube is fully formed by 6 weeks so FA is crucial before that time, in utero. You cannot "undo" not taking folic acid during the first 6 weeks by trying to make up for it now. I am sure you were taking a prenatal anyhow.


tiffani - February 24

I lost almost 15lbs at the beginning of both of my pregnancies. I never threw up, I just couldn't eat. My diet consisted of plain toast and white rice. I took prenatal vitamins months before and during my pregnancies. My doctor was never concerned with my weight loss and I have 2 healthy children as a result.


P - February 24

Folic acid is recommended for the entire first trimester. You won't be undoing anything but you will potentially be preventing any possible neural tube defects that can occur during the first trimester. It certainly won't hurt. Folic acid is also found in most pre-natal vitamins anyway.


E - February 24

P - the neural tube is fully formed by the beginning of the 6th week following the fist day of your period. After that, a NTD defect CANNOT occur. Folic acid is no longer necessary for the purpose of preventing a NTD. There is plenty of lit regarding this online. Folic acid is beneficial for other health reasons in the pregnant mother (cell division which facilitates fetal/placental growth) but there seems to be much confusion about NTD's and the specific time frame that exists in preventing them.


rose - February 24

the baby will take what it need from you to survive this is why it is important to get calcium and nutrients because you may have tooth decay and other problems because there is not enough for two...your baby will grow fine so dont worry!!! just when you are feeling good make sure to get enough so that YOU dont have future problems


Dez - February 24

I was the same way at the begenning of pregnancy I even lost 10 lbs the first four months (I did make up for it in the later months though, lol) she was very healthy when she was born. Just make sure you keep taking your prenatal vitamins even if you are throwing those up too. i couldnt eat anythng either and if I did it would come right up, lol. Good luck and congrats you will be fine.



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