Am I Still Pregnant

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anonymous - May 19

i went to my gyno on may 4 for a regular check up and found out i had a +ive test,when examine the dr said my uterus is 16mm thick i being in shock did a urine test the next wk it said -ive but i feel pregnant still so i went back to her and she said maybe i was pregnant the month before and lost it ..I am so puzzle help could i been try 1yr now


Karen - May 19

Your doc should have done an ultra sound espically after telling her that you got a neg on a test. Your HCG levels could have also been low and that is why the neg. It is also possible to have loss a pregnancy. It is very common among women. That is not to say that you cant. Just keep trying and good luck. !!!!


anonymous - May 20

thanks karen for answering,but how can it be possible to have a pregnancy test say +ive then one week later say -ive and on the day it say -ive i did a u/s we saw a sac but no heart beat,and even before that i have been having some cramps as if a/f was coming but nothing came and up to today the cramps are still there,may next u/s is at the end of the mth,so i am just praying waiting and hope for this baby.........


Karen - May 20

With my first pregnancy I took two tests in the morning. Both were fint postivies. When I went to see the doc a week later he did a test in the afternoon and it came out neg.He then give me one to do at home in the morning as HCG levels are higher then. That one came out positive. He said that HCG levels are usually higher in the morning then any time of the day. Unfortunalty two days later I loss that baby at about 6 weeks. With this pregnancy when I took the test (almost the same time as the other one) it was a strong positive. I did not see my doc tell about 4 weeks later at about 9 1/2 weeks. All the best try not to worry. It maybe too soon to detect a heartbeat. Good Luck


Pennie - May 20

Were the tests the same? Each test is able to detect pregnancy hormone at different times- Example- First Response Early Pregnancy Test picks up HCG levels at 15/MIU were as a different brand may not pick up HCG levels until 30-40/MIU. Why didn't your doctor order at test of your hormone levels and check to see if they were doubling every 48-72 hours- that would let you know if your are pregnant and your child is growing.


anonymous - May 20

hi, thank for the response, this is to pennie no the test were diff. brand the +ive test was taken inthe morning and the -ive test was taken in the evening ,now i feel a little comforted what my waiting process


anonymous - June 6

hi it's been a while since i last wrote u guys, hi karen & pennie, well i was on sick leave for two wks and am back out to work on the 24th may i lost the baby but i'm doing ok so i just want u guys to know just keep me in your pray


Karen - June 6

I so sorry to here of your loss. It is the by far the worst experience. Dont worry 3 in 4 four women that I speak to have had a miscarriage and went on to have healthy normal babies. My MIL had about 5 miscarriages , and went on to have 5 strong healthy, normal boys. I will definately keep you in my prayers. It is recommeded that you wait a few months before trying. My horriable wait was three months. All the best and I know your day will come. My email address is [email protected] if you would like to email me so we can keep in touch. This address is good for another three months. Baby dust XOXXOX


Karen - June 6

Oh yea a good idea is to start prenatal vitiams Folic acid it prevents many birth defects and develops the enviroment needed for your growing baby.



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