Am I Still Pregnant With A Negative Blood Test

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kate - November 15

i have just had a negative blood tese result from the doctor, but i still feel pregnant. everyone keeps telling me that i know my own body, and to push for a scan, but i don't want to get my hopes up. has anyone else had same experience and gone on to have a healthy baby?


Natalie H. - November 15

Ive know its hard to except but blood tests are usually pretty accurate. However, I have known people to have false results from negative tests and went on to have several others to find out that they were indeed pregnant. Some people do not produce the hormone at levels needed to detect it. If you are in tune with your body, I would ask your dr. for an uls. or scan to make sure. Listen to your body, and do what it tells you! You very well could be! Good luck and hope it turns out like you want it! keep us posted.


lily - November 15

I think the test could be wrong, do you know what kind of test they gave you? There are 2 they could have given you, you need to make sure they gave you the quantiative test, that will give you the final answer the other one they may have given you just gives you a yes or no.There is still some hope. good luck


m - November 15

Natalie and lily are right. Even though blood tests are accurate, if you had a qualitative, it just gives yes or no. And if the standard set is 20 or so mIU, then it may give a neg if your hcg is not at that level yet. Sometimes it takes a while. An u/s may be good, or may not. Because if you are early enough that your hcg is still pretty low, then it may be so early that an u/s might not see anything either. I would find out which blood test they did. If it was qual, then ask for a quant. That way you'll find out if there is any trace of it, instead of just a yes or no. Good luck!


kate - November 16

thanks all of you. i just feel so pregnant. if i am not pregnant then there is something seriously wrong with me! i am going to the doctors this morning so will let you all know. thanks for your support though


lily - November 16

kate we are here for you and we all hope for the best, take care and come back and let us know how you are doing



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