Am I The Only Crazy Chick

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Going crazy ttc #1 - November 3

Is this only me or have any of you found yourself just staring at other pregnant women??? I live outside of Chicago and I go downtown a few days a week and I take public transportation because there is just too much traffic...When I'm on the bus or el or train I notice these pregnant women and I can't stop staring at them!!!! I'm jealous!!! They probably think I'm a fricking nut! Does anyone else end up doing this when in public?? Hopefully in a few months I'll look that way!


YEAH! - November 3

I do the same. There's only one other preg. woman I've seen, or know. But I can't stop looking at her. Her tummy is bigger, and her hips are a little wider. But she looks great, and I want to look great too. We are totally different in body structure. She's thin and really short. I've got a little meat on me, and 5'6". So I think I look great too. I just want to look like what I don't sometime. I thought maybe I'm turning kind of weird too. So I made a point to look at her head, and not her body. Although her body looks great, her face does seem more mean looking, and off.


Going crazy.... - November 4

Well, ok...I'm not the only one!!! Yeah, Pregnant women are the most beautiful!!! I'm waiting til Sat. to test...I'm doubting I'm pregnant, but I hope so...I don't feel pregnant though except for lots of cm...wish me luck..


to going crazy - November 4

i do the same thing...i cant wait unti i start to show, and women are thinking that i look beautiful and pregnant! crazy is that? where outside of chicago are you from...i am a__suming you live in a which one? good luck to you, i hope you get a BFP if that is what you are looking for.


me too - November 4

when I first got pregnant but I wasn't showing I would see other women who were very pregnant and I was so jealious. I wanted to have that perfect round belly too and wanted everyone to look at me and know there was a baby in my tummy. I know it sounds really stupid.. but I love my pregnant belly!


Going crazy.... - November 4

I live in the north suburbs...I live on the border of Round Lake and Fox Lake...I live in a Cambridge type subdivision and everyone has kids or is pregnant, except us....we're trying.


To going crazy - November 4

No they don't think you are a nut! I am 9 months pregnant and every where I go women look at me and smile. I do not think they are weird, I take it as a compliment! Good luck on ttc.


Going crazy.... - November 4

Since you are pregnant can I ask you or anyone a couple questions??? I am having a lot of cm..especially when I go #2...sorry last night there was just this glob of off white cm hanging...sorry tmi again...and I am wondering if any of you experienced that, bc I am NEVER dry except right after af...I have globs of ewcm before, but never this thicker off white stuff...This is my first month off the pill, so I don't know If I'm late or not...all tests have been bfn...My LMP was sept. 28, before the pill I had around 30-33 day cycles....I think I'll test tomorrow am. Any info would be great bc I feel normal except the globs of cm.... PS...I'm in my final semester of college..finally...and another girl in one of my cla__ses is pregnant...I'm so jealous...She looks like a freshman though...young...oh well..Thanks. ladies


To going crazy - November 4

I know that excess discharge is common when you are pregnant. I can't say that this means you are pregnant, especially since you just got off your birth control it would be normal if it took you a couple of months to conceive. But you never know! Good luck on the test tomorrow and if it is negative, don't give up! :)


Going crazy.... - November 4

Thanks..I'm not getting my hopes up for this month


Janice - November 4

I stare at other preggo women, I think the preggo belly is so cute. Im 35 weeks now and when I go to the doctors everyone seems to be looking at each other and thinking everyone looks great! To the ladies that dont have a belly yet, you will then you can be the one thats walking around and everyone is staring at and jealous of = )


to going crazy - November 4

thats cool, i used to live in naperville/aurora area, are you familar with those areas? take care, and i have my fingers crossed for you to get a BFP soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)


Going crazy.... - November 4

Yes, I know Naperville/Aurora, not very well...Naperville is always voted like best town to live in in Illinois and always like number two in the nation... Where I live is Lake County, near Gurnee, everyone seems to know that town bc of Great America..Thanks for the hope, I'm going to go to the doctor if I don't get my af in a week or so..bc I don't know if I'm even ovulating =(


to going crazy - November 4

no kidding, we might be moving to that area depending on the job my husband gets...just out of curiosity is your husband in the military?


Going crazy.... - November 5

No!!! That's funny...we always see navy guys at the mall.. there is a base in North sister actually is in the airforce and is going to iraq in dec...that sucks, but she's not going to be in Baghdad or Fellujah, so that's a good thing...DH is in the landscape architecual products retaining walls, etc..I'm glad he's not in the military, I couldnt handle that!


to going crazy - November 7

lol...i know what you mean about the military...however, i am not so fortunate, my husband IS in the navy...and that is what would be bringing us back to the area...right now i live in hawaii...NOT A BAD DEAL, i must say, but it is hard with him leaving all of the time, but now he should be done, so that is good news, he has already had to go over to iraq (on a ship of course), and so he hopefully wont have to go again. i am sorry to hear about your sister having to go, i am sure that is hard for you, i will keep your family in my thoughts during such a trying time. take care, and talk to you soon!


amyk - November 7

It took me over a year to get pregnant with my daughter, now 3. I didnt just stare, I hated them...I wanted to be pregnant so bad, I almost started crying when I saw another pregnant woman...I know how you feel...I am trying for my 2nd, and can feel the feelings comming back already, and we have only been trying 2 months!!! Good luck!!!



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