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Jessica - November 8

Hi I am 26 wks pregnant with my first. I feel realy good as far as health and just everything, Well almost. I have a dog and I have had him for 4 years no real complaint. He is a good dog but since i've been pregnant I can't stand anything about him. The way he breaths,stares at me,follows me around and just anything in general. I need to know if anyone else experienced or is experiencing this at all? And if so does it go away after the baby is born? Please help


grace - November 8

its only your hormones. i did the same thing with my husband. i absolutely hated everything he did, said, how he acted. it will get better, probably after you have the baby, it could even be sooner.


Jessica - November 8

God I hope that you are right grace. My hubby is ready to kill me every day because he's sick of me yelling at the dog all the time. Hormones are a crazy thing!!


Charlene - November 8

I find my dog such a blessing and am sorry that you are feeling this way. For me the dog is such a joy. They love you unconditionally and can make you smile at the worst of times. Now don't get me started on my cat!!!!


Christi - November 8

I am totally in the same boat. My boyfriend is driving me crazy. I love him so much, but I am afraid that he may be safer if he stays away from me right His little brother disgusts me. I want to slap As far as my animals... the dog and the cat p__s me off when I am asleep... they "invade" my sleeping space. I wouldnt worry... I think every pregnant woman has their aggrivations with someone or something... it just stinks that it always seems to be that someone or something you loved the most before the pregnancy.


Sarah - November 10

I have a cat that is still a kitten really not even a year old. Now that I am pregnant though he acts crazier then he did before sometimes its annoying but I think he knows something is up and he won't leave me alone. I think it will pa__s though after the baby is born. If you love your pet as I do then you will get over it.


shelly - November 10

MY cat is a pain in the a__s at night, When i want to get some sleep she wants to act krayzie, jumping around and getting into everything. Then she scratches the littter box for about 5 minutes and walks away.......I dont get it. It seems she just started this now that im pregnant. I hope this goes away!


julie - November 14

yes,i have been impatient with my husband and does goaway when you deliver


julie - November 14

hey jessica im23 weeks along and i used to be a very patient person. now, i find fault with my hubby and my son. I remember doing this with my first pregnancy andit went away when my son was born. love those raging hormones!!


brooke - November 14

it definately goes away, just hang in there.


JK - November 15

Ive been the same way with our cat!! I am almost ready to make him an outside cat! At night as soon as am about to start sleeping he lays next to the bed and starts grooming himself LOUDLY. It drives me insane. I feel so mean but I just cant stand to have him around me!!


Charlene - November 15

I had two cats, one I had to put down recently as he was very sick. My other drives me crazy - he starts meowing so early in the am - he wants to be fed. It's not liek he is starving, he has dry stuff out all teh time, but has been spoiled with canned for much of his life. The meowing makes me crazy. I have a dog too who is so opposite - quite and pleasant. I too am tempted to put the cat outside :) - November 15

its so funny how our cats are acting up now that were pregnant. its funny to read about it, but not put up with it! lol the cat stories are funny to me because i know how you all feel!



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