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sheri - February 27

hi, i'm 19, i'll be 20 march 10, does anyone think i'm too young to have a child?


Jbear - February 27

Your personal maturity is all that matters...some people are adults at 18, others don't grow up...ever. It just depends on what you feel. Can you handle the idea of a little person depending on you for years and years? Being a parent is both the hardest thing and the best thing you'll ever do. I got pregnant when I was 22, I had been married almost four years and it felt like a natural thing to do at that stage in our marriage. My daughter is three now, and I'm so glad I had her when I did...I can't imagine my life without her.


Maleficent - February 27

like Jbear said, it depends on your situation. i know ladies who were wonderful moms at 16, and some who are horrible moms at 28. there is no magical age of readiness.


Liz - February 27

Where I live most women chose to have a child much later so they can get an education, get married,travel, buy a home and enjoy their spouse before having a child. I waited(by choice) til I was 29 to get preg.Many friends have waited til mid to late 30's. Raising a child takes a lot of time, patience, and even money. I am glad I waited but each individual should do what works for them.


terri - March 3

im 14 i know im to young how do i tell my parents


rose - March 3

terri - 14 is very young and although i dont think your parents will be very happy about it i do think you should tell them right away so that they can help probably wont be as bad as you think(usually the lectures come before, not after something like this) good luck


leslie - March 3

hey I am 19 and prengant too! I am exited, scared, happy, sad worried you name it. I think I am not going to be a good mother sometimes but like this girls have said right now its all aobut how mature you are not the age and I am happy to know that I won't regret it because I have not hear of one mother regreting getting preg. at some age plus I think every single preg mom gets scared at the beggining.. Good Luck!


22yr old - March 4

no,if its what you really want and you are happy for your life to change then go for it!my mum had me at 18yrs and im glad she did and she has no regrets.Good luck!


chelle - March 4

sheri, I had my first baby at 16 who was 3lbs 2oz. And my second at 19 who was 3lbs 15 oz. Not only was I young but also had babies with special needs. I didn't think I would be a very good mother because I was so young but you'll be amazed at how naturally having something that wonderful in you life will make you mommy-material in an instant. Think of it this way... When you children are old enough to care for themselves you'll still be young enough to have fun. I am now 24 on my 3rd child and looking forward to it excitedly. Don't worry, you'll do fine.


Robyn - March 4

Sheri I think it really depends on where you are at in life. Im only 20 almost 21 and at 7 weeks. I have always been realy responsible and level headed for my age though and it just felt right in my heart. It doesnt hurt to either have a decent education or a really good or reliable job though. I got kinda lucky and got a very good job without anything other than a HS deploma. Its a personal choice and once you make up your mind, dont let any one influence you or try to make you change it ok? Its a blessing, but not one to be taken lightly. Good luck! ;)


tasha - March 9

no i dont think your young at all i had a baby when i was 15 years of age and that is young but iv managed and so will you its not the age if you want this child and love it already nothing will change it good luck


* - March 9

Are you married? How are you going to support the baby?


Katie - March 10

I'm 24 and pregnant with my first baby. I still think that I'm too young to be having him, but it is a little to late. It all depends on the person. My mother had me at 20 and had her 4th. baby at 24. She did a wonderful job.


Yes - March 10

Yes. When in doubt----DON'T!


Kelly K - March 10

I think if you have to ask that question then you are definitely too young to have a baby. I'll hold off for a few years and see how you feel then.


Mythili - March 10

Each person is different. If you think you can handle a child then you can. I didn't feel ready for a child 'till now. I am now 26


J - March 10

I don't think you can put an age on motherhood. It depends if you an support a baby financially and if you are ready to take on such a large responsibility. I didn't have my first baby until I was 26. I tell you it is a real life changer. I love my son more than anything but also envy those that still have their freedom. Pregnancy and having children is always a time of uncertainty and no one is an expert. Good luck to you.



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